Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best portraits of men in this photo contest with chances to win a Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Gianluca Micheletti for his collaboration as a guest judge. Gianluca Micheletti is a professional photographer based in Italy.
He studied at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and is currently engaged in still life photography, corporate photography and reportage. Fascinated by existential dynamics, he develops personal projects in research and conceptual photography.

"Soldier" by christiankieffer

"Bear" by EMVDS

"Jesper" by (A)gracealmera

"Male portrait" by wojtekpiatek

"Wanderer" by slavasamoikenko

"Old Soldier" by oksanavashchuk

"_MG_3417" by kristenhaveman

"Heart Squeeze" by exploredexposure

"Contemplation" by (A)jonpearson

"2018-02-18 - DCW - Studio Lighting Portrait Session 012" by (A)lloydkasper

"Portrait" by Mel4890

"Thinking" by philipptettmann

"Ex minor" by (A)isabelleeerens

"Super parent" by StecStudios

"M" by stephanoskaraoulis

"Security Officer" by janvanpoortvliet

"workout" by garethjones_4521

"Torsten Portrait" by SebastianWuttkePhoto

"Luke" by phillipfrench

"Dr Bob , Cellar of Souls" by JoePastie

"The Agent" by mattjphotography

"Cigarette" by FloS

"Serious" by Dtraveler63

"Contrasts" by HugoAugusto

"Water Hat" by rachel

"Mustache descaide..." by ohnitsoga

"Madeira man-1" by SURREALIMAGE

"Hermit" by Kirichay

"The Boatman" by dotcomjohnny

"Beyond the glass" by AmyThorp

"untitled" by danilbaker

"Darken" by BOLED

"Self-portrait" by klapouch

"Selfportrait" by RajisRapsii

"Portrait of a Stranger" by kbhasker

"The Actor" by -n-e-a-l

"***" by (A)geomad

"342A1489-1" by davidjlong

"Dramatic" by CarolAnnPhotos

"Englishman" by przemyslawchola

"Portrait of a sailor" by olgakuznyetsova

"Cowboy Portrait" by sjholbert

"Beard and Tattoos" by fournierphotographe


"IMG_94302015-01-01" by simon_cerulean

"A0d_MdlrHYs" by BerezinY

"indifference" by werol

"One of my favorite photos of my handsome fiancé. Practicing with lighting in our basement." by Daneane

"Brian Opal Miner" by (A)PaulN

"Glasses #002" by anders_samuelsson

"Doug" by PaulFalavolitoPhotography

"Portrait" by visko

"Timo" by denisfischer

"Men of Guoliangcun" by jojofuchsch

"Pip The Flyer" by flamesworddragon

"Hindu Monk" by Crazy_Krasi

"the guitar" by oliviacabral

"Drummer portrait" by justasmiliusmiliauskas

"copper_punch" by jameshartphotogrpahy

"Ethiopian in Jerusalem" by ronenr

"All Eyes on Me" by DanHashemi

"James Hetfield" by bitterer

"IMG_4455" by Adrian_Koblak

"Selfie" by (A)G-Mac81

"Travis Fights Giants 4" by sarahallegra

"Jason and Macon" by GoodmanPhotog

"The look." by IrinaPopovaPhotography

"Are you looking me?" by marcocortezcortese

"Selfie Serious Look" by pacovanleeuwen

"Model" by CatalyticCamera

"If looks could stare...." by (A)helenwiggins

"MyBuddyFidel" by pedrontheworld

"Urban" by jennisjberg

"the guy" by baron_barbaron

"Steven" by Atlesque

"Reagan" by cjschmit

"Kind of Illness?" by deedee_al

"Goran" by vedranvidak_1401

"The Guard & Eleiphant" by hanytodros

"Dr. Van" by Cobass0

"Life Lines - 2/6" by gerardmeksass

"male portret" by michelphotoart

"Selfportrait" by alejandroreynaklindt

"Time is my enemy" by adrianmaltby

"male portrait" by nikha

"sadou" by joseantoinecosta

"morgan marinoni" by morganmarinoni

"grunge me " by pozofolio

"Quiet Time" by drowning

"untitled" by niravmehta_6681

"Attitude" by _Subarna

"Does Not Play Well With Others" by Sensei

"Warriors come out and play" by Dduerringphoto

"Casey Burrows" by KMDCphotography

"Want to photograph an artist?" by StephenBridger

"Philipp" by thomasjosefhtmsl

"Don in B & W" by (A)jonwestaway

"Exsequor" by (A)btdean

"Sunny vibes" by lewisfobos

"The Ned and I" by ShiftingLightPhotography

"Pål Asdal" by bendikstalheim

"No Pasaran " by Disselfoto

"Vincent Alfonzo Jamal" by doublebarrelimages

"Monochrome Portrait " by victorradulescu

"Le male: part one..#model: @payton_clarke @goodtalentmanagement @nextmodel" by TatanZuleta

"Emptiness" by zapselskaimage

"Man in Style" by kenvinpinardy

"Michele" by Denis09

"Countryside man" by szocsannamaria

"Tom" by sollenaphotography

"Anthon" by ewacwikla

"Igor the artist." by Alexander_Sviridov

"Mont St-Hilaire" by gillestarabiscuit

"Duncan" by jameshutcheon

"Fisherman" by q-liebin

"Oskar" by tomashtmkmasojc

"Pilot. A self-portrait." by Refat

"So cold" by DYACHKOV

"Shadow Walker" by BradGrove

"selfi-portrait" by tsishkevich

"Sin City" by tristanduplichain

"Shooting in the studio with Jérémy in B/W " by FredericMONIN

"untitled" by Arbustus

"Alex" by Vyatkin

"PARA OLVIDAR" by (A)Lormiguel

"steamer steve" by Steve-Blake

"." by ScheiMedia

"Jesse" by RatbarSteward

"Tristan Follonier" by thierryvouillamoz

"Self Portrait, guest appearance by my beard." by ChristianGPhotog

"LIL Neyo with Tina Marie Photography" by tinamarie_7110

"Fireman" by Alannixon

"Dad" by daveoutwest

"Old harmonica player" by atomi

"Ice King" by clementinacabral

"man" by yurarakovskiy

"Remy" by PierreTurtaut