Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing lingerie in the Lingerie Photo Contest with chances to win a Prize Bundle and more!
A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Michael Woloszynowicz for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michael is a published and award winning portrait and architecture photographer based in Toronto, Canada. With a background in computer science and an MBA in corporate finance, Michael is hardly an archetypal photographer. Despite his affinity for math and science, Michael was drawn to the creativity and expression found in photographing people, buildings and cities. He photographs primarily for commercial clients, modeling agencies and personal assignments.

Congratulations People's Choice "Good morning love" by milanscholma

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Chiara" by jasonspiteri

"I chose this image as the winner in large part because of the perfect pose and evocative expression from the model. I really grabs the viewer and has them thinking about what is going through her mind at that time. The lighting is spot on and the post production is polished but remains natural. The little details such as the positioning of the hair down to the way the models hand interacts with the lingerie just puts it over the top." - Michael Woloszynowicz

Congratulations Runner Up "Svetlana" by JackHoier

"This image really embodies what a great lingerie shot should be. The model is beautiful with a captivating gaze and is posed perfectly to accent the lingerie and her body. Despite the fact that it's a lingerie shot, it remains elegant and tastefully done and the use of negative space through the landscape orientation keeps the image engaged with the subject and scene. " - Michael Woloszynowicz

Congratulations Runner Up "AmyCatherine_00025" by arturtkaczyk

"Not all lingerie images need to rely on sex appeal to work well. The playful nature of this image is a great departure from the norm and really captures a wonderful moment that doesn't feel the least bit posed. The sunrise/sunset window light and warm tones really accentuate that carefree feeling and the model has a wonderful girl-next-door sort of appeal to her." - Michael Woloszynowicz

"Too Cheeky" by The-Art-of-Darkness

"Boudoir all natural light" by Natashafaleen

"Baby Blue 2" by josephnance

"Lines" by UnTill

"Amber in bed" by shaungoodrich

"DSC_1961" by Derald1961

"Reflection" by Chris_Bos_Photography

"GC " by peterwilson_4619

"Katie" by klausmotznik

"Bedtime - ThomasWisnewskiPhotography" by TWPhoto

"Frankie - in Red" by DespayreFX

"Elena" by Skyzzo

"Perfect view" by AlexLove

"Lucia Jarocekova" by panilsson

"Polina" by samarcuk

"Dreaming" by MC_Illusion_Photography

"Masquerade-0117" by Wil68

"A story about perfect women (continue)" by tatie

"AnneliesHuysmans_by_Ze?taPictures-15" by ZetaPictures

"Boudoir III" by JAMillsPhoto

"***" by AnnaDemy

"Gianina" by ramo808

"Pebbles 31" by ronharrison

"Chantel" by rexjones

"Boudoir" by zuzuvalla

"Lingerie shooting with Marion" by JosspeixPhoto

"Libgerie : : Anastasia #1" by LisaAnfisa

"April" by raymond74

"model" by halinaphotography

"The Lingerie ... !!!!!" by pnunes33

"IMG" by chadcote

"Joliet " by MaximilianvanVuigt

"Blue " by WendyMariePhotography

"J. Rose" by angiemorris

"VJ4A1860" by abhishekgolecha1992

"Boudoir #1" by slindgrenphoto

"The softness of lace" by francineoduffy

"Amaranthyne" by kurioko

"lazy mornings" by kutlu

"let the image speak " by spARTiat_de

"IMG_8340 " by lauradark

"Megan " by Rob_Lopshire

" " by Natashafaleen

"Musa " by LisaAnfisa

"Lilaia " by siegart

"Perfect Women " by panilsson

"Studio work " by touchwood

"shoot for clementina " by iuliadavid

"'Fallen" " by Kavanthekid

"emily-2547 " by adrianrichard

" " by davidflores_9926