For this free photo contest we invited you to share your best lifestyle photos with chances to win a Leica Instant Camera. Photos that perform well in the marketplace are the ones you see in ads around you everyday: everyday lifestyle, still-lifelike, food, architecture and interiors.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Morey Spellman for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Morey Spellman is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles. His photos combine an appreciation for beautiful light, authentic beauty, and natural scenery. He primarily works with brands, agencies, and models in fashion and swimwear.

"Hipster girl sitting on wooden pier in the rays of the setting sun. A vacation in Thailand. Hands with tattoos. " by cinematheart

"Paint what you see " by sarahwolfe_1013

"Newly Engaged " by iwangroot

"Misty Morning Canoe " by nathanaelmatthewasaro

"window " by thomasprusso

"Bathtime " by dellaina

"Non Stop Metropolis " by pedroquintela

"DSC08865 " by Maksim

"Little masterpiece " by piotrciechomski

"Selfie of a Selfie " by DonHoekPhoto

"Yaaaaaaa " by scottfinney

"pumpkin love " by toddcollier

"Waves " by JrWalker

"Feeling the wind " by CharleneTrinsi

"Self Portrait " by quinnkirby

" " by yuliaivanenko

"Getting the shot! " by nathanlucas

"Photographer at work " by MissHuniBuni

"Tarla " by guilhermeescosteguy

"Into The Wild " by JeffAlexander

"IMG_3765 " by Soeno

"San Marco " by ilemekhov

"Shaking it off " by zacwitte

"Siostry " by LukaszLisiecki

"VINTAGE BIKE#1 " by aimeejohn

"violinist " by Navruz

"All-Star " by natosed

"Sun devotion " by UnTill

"Poolside " by SteveWazowski

" " by dreamfromasylum

"POP " by jordan_mark_

"Lily " by markcarolan

"Fashion " by Dsmphotography

"Vertigo " by jekabssilacerps

"Skys the limit " by mts198

" Saarah at Sunset " by johnboland

"Water drop " by Gennady_88

"... " by StLookUs

"Preparation " by dtorell

"Don't ask. " by calebdaniel

"Lynsey " by phillipfrench

"IMG_4143 copy " by RobClaysPhotos

"Canoeing through the clouds " by jasonosborne

"Writing music above the forests of north Idaho. " by stevenscarcello

"Self-scape " by MarcosRodriguezSilva

"DSC01364-2 " by sergiuwewe

"Pipe " by ElishaIsabelle

"Home " by Ashley_Perez

"Love " by xaler42

"Half way around the sun " by chloegrayson

"bonny15 " by kirkmills

"Braies, Italy – Lago di Braies " by sventaubert

"untitled-299-Edit " by DandY23

"At The Fair " by sydneymanuel

"A walk towards the mountains " by martyryan1000

"Mug Full of Light-02765 " by SauvageImages

"Camping in the Desert " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"The Wanderer " by KimAnkerstedt

"Puma Suede Classic " by Garrytaiga

"Fairy " by msredrum

"Alexandra " by Kerberos486

"Instinct " by adavies

"Mohammed's Shop " by karolispipiras

"Italian born " by ErikDerbyPhotography

"Louise & Louis, a Self Love Story " by Eric_Dany

"Hypnotic Man " by Sasha_77

"Sabrina & Felix 2 " by genevievelapointe

"devil's music " by godriguez

"Ziegelstein Station " by matayosoixantequatorze

" " by HeatherLynnPortraits

" " by (A)jodiecam

"Relaxing bubble bath " by BrookeP07

"Morning Coffe " by (A)Levi4123

"Zion National Park Overlook " by (A)ks_pics

"Look at the dots " by (A)danielwarman

"Dreaming of Weekends " by (A)joshedstedt

"Home ! // " by (A)Mattburgessphoto

"3073 " by (A)Whatsnewtoday1

"Paula " by (A)alejandrovegaortiz

"ballet " by (A)rickperry

"HUG <3 LIFE " by joshuashannon

"Time for a cuppa. " by (A)evandebelt

"true love " by katarzyna_nizinkiewicz

"Flower girl " by daliaa

"Champagne Sands " by AzuraPhotography

"Hypnotized " by AlejandroFerrand

"Quiraing / Scotland " by SebastianWarneke

"Two of greens " by (A)AdCarreira

"M. " by MariaSchaeferPhotography

"lisa n. paddle out sunset " by viceroy

"the Hipster " by bendikstalheim

"TRX4TACTICAL " by Morgan_Lytle

"Passion " by ilyayakover

"Football Dreams " by rebecca812

"Simona " by Kenji

"Skate Or Die " by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"Mountains meet Ocean " by JulieAnnNewell

"5 " by stephenleonardi

"A love that could stop time. " by izzybouchard

" " by (A)mea115546

"A Flower for Mummy " by SteeleBirdie

"Sean vintage Argus " by caprin

"The BLUE SWALLOW " by henridroski

"fun in the sun " by leannescherp

"Flying in Iceland " by lifearound

"Enjoy the view " by michaelstabentheiner

"Pteridium aquilinum " by (A)carles_casta

"Liquid Neon " by kylere

" " by lucafoscili

"The red passageway " by carmenioneanu

"IMG_6376 " by (A)sarathvitala

"Washington grist mill " by (A)kurtvolkle

" " by adrianmurray

"MKNMMRZ " by timjohnsonimagery

"27AA1131-9CBA-4E7D-B4E2-36CC5E50E191 " by Fstopandstare

"img_5593 " by (A)seraphim666

"we paint our own reality " by jmphotography2323

"2DBF41E0-E6D5-40F7-835C-25F3A34996AA.JPG " by redzepagicaida

"Another Season " by Splendidimagery

"Corona Extra " by cristinacovas

"Girl with a film camera " by Nikolishin

"remembering " by pedrorangel

"Camelride in the Desert. " by Pho-Tox-Fox

"Opposites " by dakoch

"Golden " by jaychapman

"on the edge " by TyPsd

"Summer vibes... " by spyrozarifopoulos

"Backroads Idaho " by TendrelImages

"Chef " by MKPhotographysa

"In the village " by (A)usachevalexander

"Sofia_G-5 " by Nyktos_Ph

"Photograph your canvas " by VinceVphotography

"Arina " by klepikovadaria

"family " by LelaKieler

"Adam and his Enfield... " by adamjmckay

"Summer/WInter fashion " by dompinson

"Julia " by PaulHenryStudios

"Lets go " by Andreas_Voigt

"CAP in red " by (A)oksananachataia

"Morning Tea " by angad13

" " by JCPhotoPro1

"sulk " by CP_Photo

"Walking on Music (4) " by antoniogirlando

"studio work, lifestye " by touchwood

"The local barber " by CarlAage

"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing " by blitzlichtgewitter

"St Pauls with stars and light trails " by adamvasas

"The Bathroom " by wenchejostad

"The Waiting is Over " by Jckita

"“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” - John F. Kennedy " by (A)JTSamson

"Clean " by Sneachta

" " by ruymayan

"Caught " by matthewarmsby

"Urban Goth " by BRYNPhotography

"Summit " by StunningPhotography

" " by AyJay87

"Attracting the lens " by Vcontestant

"Pretty in Pink " by (A)Sdonion

"Portrait of young man sitting on the railroad bridge " by alexandermils

"Wheat-1400 " by Studio315workshops

"I love coffee! " by beckykempf

"Ready to Party " by juliewells_8964

"wonderful world of books " by Anastasiya_Kushnyr

"Robi " by IvanaZadro

"Bird love on my laptop " by drharshavardhanreddy