With the new viewbug marketplace you will have access to sell your best images and license them with the top agencies Worldwide including Adobe Stock and Canva. Stock photography is a great way to earn money from the photos that you are already shooting and uploading to viewbug. We want to get you ready for the ViewBug Marketplace and make sure you are set up for success.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for images that feel real and authentic, images that show natural moments with models who don’t appear to be posing. These images should represent the modern Wold: Diversity is key! The ViewBug aesthetic is about natural images of kids, adults, families and friends having fun and enjoying life. Images should be of lifestyle, business and workplace, sports, food and wellness.

Wondering what images you should submit? You are in the right place.

The images below have already been approved to the viewbug marketplace and should work as a guideline of the visual aesthetic we are looking for in the submissions.

green ends first by renatreneeell

Sunrise Balloons in Australia's Capitol by SeasonAscent

DSCF2608 by ndanko

Cheese pancakes with cherry sauce served on paper by mrakor

When submitting your images for licensing make sure you understand the legal guidelines.First you must agree to the terms of our Contributor Licensing Agreement. Photos must be uploaded to the ViewBug community, must include all the necessary documents and pass a content review before they can be licensed.

Sunflower magic  by NoelleBuske

Binti Afrika by alvinhenry

To upload your high resolution images, simply go to our upload page or visit the photo you wish to license, and enable the Licensing option. By licensing your photo you allow buyers to purchase a license of your photo to use for Commercial purposes. You always keep the copyright of your photos. If your photo features a person, property or place that is recognizable, you will need a model or property release.

Shropshire country side by Swat9uk

Composited by aminhosseini

We will review every single image submitted to make sure they are suitable for licensing, review times vary depending on the quantity of images we receive. For the viewbug collection we will be accepting images that have a high aesthetic value, great compositions, technical quality and original content. Get started by visiting the photo page of the images you’d like to license and simply clicking the “sell photo” option.