Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the main subject in the center of the frame in the In the Center Photo Contest with chances to win $700 cash prize – to cover round-trip airfare, 2 nights hotel, + lens rental to create the best photo adventure!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the winners announcement and more inspiring photo contests coming soon!

"Grand Awakening" by DrewHopper

"reach " by jmphotography2323

"Long Term Parking" by ctoc

"Take Five" by saraascalon

"POPVLI ROMANI" by ovosphotography

"Runaway" by Followmeaway

"Phare..." by kbrowko

"The guardian" by alessandromalvaso

"Dramatic Sunrise Long Exposure" by iamcordz

"Real Alcázar de Sevilla (Spain)" by (A)CedricMayence

"Somewhere over the rainbow" by HamptonPhotography

"Kaos & Geometry" by peterfoldiak

"Purple Sun" by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"Into The Blue" by johnknopf

"Mystical Sunrise & Lake in Mountains" by alekrivec

"Scarlet Obsession" by lisaholloway

"Great Gray Owl" by wild_man_photo

"Hornsea Beach" by phillg

"Reflections from the Wanaka Lake" by michellemckoy

"Grass is always Greener on the other side" by Tim-Hall

"Sidecut" by glmeyers

"LIttle Church on the Prairie" by craigboehm

"untitled" by petertang

"Seljalandsfoss" by Rodrigueelhajj

"Press-The-Button" by Nishant-101

"*Stargate Cave*" by Mauro_Mendula

"Portal to the New World" by (A)balzsdobrn

"pier" by Luca_DeGregorio

"My Floating House" by billpeppas

"Deer at Yorkshire wildlife Park" by martynleaning

"Press Onward" by kapuschinsky

"Leap" by kateluber

"The tree in the sea" by tomrexjessett

"Piercing The Sun" by TanyaHouppermans

"Tyrolean Sunrise" by ewaldvorster

"What to wear" by jmphotography2323

"on the water" by marybell

"Yellow beauty" by Prijaznica