Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos of their favorite Rooms in the I love This Room Photo contest with chances to win Leica Camera and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Markku Lahdesmaki for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Photographer Markku Lahdesmaki was born in Finland. He was eight years of age when his uncle gave him a simple camera with black-and-white film. Since then Markku has won numerous awards with his photography for both commissioned work and his own personal projects. He has won gold, silver awards and numerous Merits from the prestigious Association of Photographers’ Awards, London. He has been awarded at Clio, Epica, Cannes Lions, New York Festival, CA, APA, PX3, Graphis etc.

"Model Lovefotografie in the Bedroom" by Fotoart_Nicolas_Carbenay

"Despair" by (A)emxsee

"Beautiful pose" by Chris_Bos_Photography

"small update and will be perfect" by depechmaniac

"The Pharmacy" by olesteffensen

"VB1-97" by (A)MarieJordan

"Kenilworth Castle's Magical Light" by byrnephotography

"Alone" by (A)GhostLightPhotography

"Fluctuat nec mergitur " by marcwildpassion

"My Solace" by kapuschinsky

"Empty " by Amanda_Wakefield

"the zone" by godriguez

"Castle_dream" by gabrielastiep

"Here I live" by Nishant-101

"A New Day" by (A)Chrissywphoto

"The Mine" by TheodoreH

"_20150922_150133 (2)" by (A)rickbails

"The Indoor Pool" by chipbhi

"DSC_4594-HDR" by Derald1961

"Pack up your troubles" by verity

"memories" by EdithNero

"Anxiety" by DomenickMacri

"Void and Daoud" by (A)inolab

"IMG_7677VB" by (A)MartinHarnan

"Things Ain't Like They Used to Be " by beyond_the_prism

"Stretched " by Boholm

"Milwaukee Art Museum 2 " by matkujak

"TheVoid " by AshleyAnnImages

"Bride " by panyoki

"Below Stairs " by snowdon

"Solitude" by RichardReames

"King size room" by lvalics

"Serenity" by Tiziano

"The Blue Room" by gerdaeilts

"Patience" by Olav

"Welcome Home" by kdm222

"Bodie Kitchen" by clownsonvelvet