Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing animals at the zoo in the Happening At The Zoo Photo Contest with chances to win a Fire HD 10 Tablet or an iPad Mini (winner picks the prize!).

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Ron Magill for his collaboration as a guest judge. Ron has worked with wildlife for over 35 years and has had the privilege of having “hands-on” experience with a tremendous variety of animals. As Zoo Miami’s “Goodwill Ambassador”, he has made frequent television appearances on many programs including, “National Geographic Explorer”, the Discovery Networks, the “Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “The Late Show”, “CBS’ This Morning”, “Dateline” and “CNN”. Ron has also been a regular guest on several Spanish language television programs including international hits “Sabado Gigante” and “Despierta America”.

"Ring-tailed lemur" by (A)CsCs

"flamingo2" by petervanderrol

"Focused" by alanwsmith

"Tarsier Pose" by GigiJim08

"PUNK" by lessysebastian

"Snow Leopard" by James_Markus

"Big Teeth" by Evi_Verstraeten

"Baby spider monkey" by grietjegrootenhuis

"Embrace" by JennyLoren

"Long Beak" by (A)AshleyHilmerPhotography

"Teeth!" by DanielleShields

"sleeping leo" by Anneliese-Photography

"image" by mariaserrano

"King" by davepopovich

"The Mighty Tiger" by amona27

"cheetah-3" by SURREALIMAGE

"Need A Lick???????" by (A)Teri_Reames

"Cute Racoon" by dasBildprojekt

"Sleepy Panda" by tk_photographies

"Caiman" by BensViewfinder

"HAVING FUN!" by HugoAugusto

"Spider Monkey" by (A)Bannekh

"Brotherhood" by matteolualdi

"Snow leopard" by mauritzchristiaanjaneke

"The Gathering Spot" by (A)Stellasview

"Snuggling Cheetahs" by TeeBrown

"Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud, Indonesia 2" by larrymarshall

"Flowergirl" by EyeToEyeXperience

"On The Prowl" by davesmith351

"Tiger Tongue" by robbyticknor

"Meerkats 02" by ronharrison

"Tiger Stare" by justinbetts

"Encounters" by fleos

"Mandrill XIII" by abzerit

"Timber wolves smiling" by JimCumming

"Totes Ma Gotes" by bigsky1317

"Not Impressed" by Angelvel