Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots of fashion in this photo contest with chances to win a Carbon Fiber 66 inches Tripod Monopod and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Gianluca Micheletti for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Gianluca Micheletti is a professional photographer based in Italy. He studied at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and is currently engaged in still life photography, corporate photography and reportage. Fascinated by existential dynamics, he develops personal projects in research and conceptual photography.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Luxury." by Refat

Congratulations Runner Up "Ola painterly" by gelerth

Congratulations Runner Up "Lillian1a" by laansanh

Congratulations Runner Up "Let's fly away" by alexandermils

Congratulations Runner Up "Hair style" by marcwildpassion

Congratulations People's Choice "Underground brand " by alexanderwintzer

"The Woman in Blue" by SisselaDK

"Chiyo" by samanthaannis

"Black beauty" by magorzatakuriata

"Fly" by armagray

"Gipsy" by LisaAnfisa

"Dreamland" by Kavak

"Elizabeth & Denisa" by RadovanBartekPhotographer

"Explosive fashion" by moritzleonard

"Stone" by SarahBowmanPhotography

"CJ Franco" by aylacroft

"Flowers In Her Hair" by kellyrobitaille

"Marta Aquarius" by alcowin

"Glamour_Girl_in_RED" by Carlotta

"The moment before..." by Stern100

"Winter's Hope" by MariaCotrim

"Ghost in the Shell 2" by Zos007

"Gentle Portrait of beautiful sexy girl " by Multipedia

"Flower dress I made out of real flowers. " by jsmiley

"Ashley" by inapandora

"Acidulé" by ClovisDM

"Blue Void" by SilverPearl

"MariaDelgado_00179 B&w_editedcropped" by GallantImages

"Portrait - Man " by Alexlud

"IMG_3341" by ahmedahanjoul

"Andrew Croucher Photography - Sminka Ink - Basquesse - Ahkim Tan - Elana Vlasova" by andrewcroucher

"Alexandra" by andreystanko

"A Hint of Blue" by adamibbotson

"ad ass mohawk" by DenizPhoto

"Mindy" by ISRphotos

"Lightbow II" by Linus1969

"No Pain No Gain" by ElenaParaskeva

"Ilaria" by massimilianomancini

"Naturally Knitted" by JaredAdcock

"Retro Girl" by maciejplewicki_fotografia

"Forest Beauty" by adaptive_kromatics

"Emily Melting mirrors" by warrenstowell

"Jacky_florubi-2" by florubi

"Skater Chick" by Jenn-WildChild-Wagner

"Fashion" by AlexGordeev

"Devon " by alemus10

"untitled" by strngr

"Invisible World Collection" by rebekavodrazkova

"Baroque " by amaliazilio

"High Fashion" by MR_fotoworx

"" by lucafoscili

"Elegance" by JBramerPhotography

"Flower Beauty" by SebastianWuttkePhoto

"Retro" by Eye_Shoot_Images

"Farah" by Jacobz

"Mira" by Farkhad_Valeev

"Queen" by akapov

"Lookin At You Kid" by Montethephotographer

"ColorSurgery 2" by HiroArts

"***" by tinozavrus

"Under the hood" by justingage

"Photographer: Bruno Birkhofer, Model: CorinneK-Model" by CorinneK-Model

"Zoe" by dominickmortier

"1N4A3899 copy" by FOTOKLUBZ

"you are my desire" by Daylook

"Studio work" by touchwood

"Modern Delicacy I " by danicasherry

"It ain't the cloths that make the cowgirl, it's the attitude and heart..!" by FerciaPhotography

"Paulina" by ivanabellazadro

"Anna " by juliadurova

"Seafoam" by kendallbrier

"The Empress" by gracealmera

"Elegance" by josiepatten

"badlandsseries (4 of 19)" by jodigalloway

"untitled" by larazanarini