For this photo contest, we asked you to show how you captured our planet from high perspectives using drones with chances to win a Lensbaby Composer Pro II and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Tomblerone " by pawelzygmunt

Congratulations Runner Up "From above " by marinalattanzi

Congratulations Runner Up "Val D'Orcia " by fayedunmall

Congratulations Runner Up "Skate Park 2.0 " by warrenstowell

Congratulations Runner Up "Glacier tongue " by Thokuipers

Congratulations Runner Up "Hutt Lagoon Intersection " by wadebuchan

Congratulations Runner Up "Arctic Veins " by Mbeiter

Congratulations Runner Up "Froot Loops " by DaveKochPhoto

Congratulations People's Choice "Two seasons in one day " by victoraerdenphoto

"U-marina " by kozacek_tomas

"Morning Hike " by matthewhladek

"Aerial viee " by Jabbophotos

"Dead or Alive " by ovidpop

"Crystal Lake " by Brian_Lichtenstein

"Shipwreck " by ManishMamtani

"The stunning reef around Yub’a island, NEOM, Saudi Arabia " by marclecornu

"Puerto Rico " by Armast

"Pokljuka-dron-1-41-9 " by alekrivec

"First light " by saintek

"Morning game " by daniturphoto

"Rice terraces " by HoaiVan

"Somewhere in Algarve " by Madeirexx

"Karwendel VI: Above the boats " by martinrosenkranz

"At work " by BirgerB

"Helmcken Falls " by AntonioMarchetti

"Infinite Bridge " by madspeteriversen

"St. Coloman " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Hold back the river " by bogdanmincu

"Beach Layers " by Tom74

" " by jamiemackrill

"Heart beat road " by chris-herzog

"DJI_0443 " by randymacaulay

" " by konstantinoszelos

"The Sculpture of Nature " by davidaguilarphoto

"Natai Beach " by iScreen

"Sugba Lagoon " by jacobmarsh

"DJI_0716.13.1 " by Zura_Kiria

"La La Land " by mattdaugherty

"The eye of Ra " by pepinair

"follow the line " by oobreemartens

"Shadow play " by DesiDrewPhotography

"Bridge across a river surrounded by lush foliage and trees taken from a drone " by RutMehtaPhotography

"Red Chillies Harvesting " by rohanbd26

"beach DJI_0573 " by christophreiter

"Look down " by szmyk

"Lines " by JCSimoes

"Canoe " by 3to2

"Trifecta Aerial Pool Girls " by PhotoLogic-SightFlight

"Caution: Deere Crossing! " by jeffzenner

"River Crossing Thailand - Bridge - Aerial " by tominspires

"The Kander River " by M_StylePhotographie

"Santa Catalina Aerial shot " by OliJames

"look up " by bellatidesmen

"Aim High " by henrykwelle

"Passing through " by jgnu

"Lago di Sorapis / Italy " by SebastianWarneke

"Magical Bridge " by jmarken

"Bébour " by davidparenteau

"frozen wood " by hannesmautner

"Rays " by ClintRalphPhotography

"Rotterdam " by DavidZisky

" " by ZdenkaJanaskova

"Finland shaped pond called Neitokainen " by miimeij

"Kilauea Eruption " by spmphoto

"dronelovers " by heidivandijk

"Green Roads " by jasonwilde

"The Pool " by gregbarber

"Surf's Up! " by ashley98lee

"Bridge in Cracow " by santesimon

"lost in translation " by kevenpew

".:::Birds eye view:::. " by Mars_Infinite_Light

"Simplicity is the key " by issaaitichou

"Inky black water " by jamesaphoto

"Shipwreck " by MickaelAuffret

"Snowshine " by JakeKurdsjuk

"Sunset at old harrys rocks " by mattbenham

"Sinusoïdale schwarzwaldienne " by matayosoixantequatorze

"Harvesting shrimp " by tunnguyn

"Iceland Road " by ventenni

"Beauty from above " by georgepapapostolou

"Secret Canyon " by globetrottingtimo

"American summer -drone usermagazine " by andyleclerc

"Autumn road " by Ervin-Edward

"B&W_2518 " by Pablo-Klik

"Island on lake Bled " by Jan_Zajc

"the golden car " by maperick

"After rain ... " by jsunvisions

"Walking man walks. " by adamjmckay

"Death Valley Dunes " by cannonmatt

"Mohonk Mountain House " by matthewchase

" " by lennartkoopsen

"*** " by Max_sayapin

"Palm Tree Farm " by evgenyvasenev

"Bullseye " by Alphawanderlust

"finally snow! " by judithkuhn

"Winter Roads " by tori_4650

"keme " by hasmonaut

"Greenland " by DanielKordan

" " by rmcnamee

"Winding road into the darkness " by petersvoboda

"079CCF94-B56B-459C-8876-0BCB3DB1D9B7.jpeg " by billperemiczky

"Lake Clementine from Above " by teddymorrow

"Double Rainbow over Kualoa " by LeightonLum

"Utah Desert " by larrymarshall

"Over the Beach " by jasonteale

"Bokod, Hungary " by petermocsonoky

"View from Miradouro de Cabo Girão " by marcobarbaro

"Train Cars " by Nately7

"Castle rock " by MichelleLaveryPhotography

"Source d'Argent " by bitterer

"Stranded Steel Whale " by Elmer-Laahne

"The Last Homely House. " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Arcomagno " by giusepperussofoto

"Veins " by theadjudahcator

"Boats " by JayLawler

"PORT HEDLAND - This kind of reminds me of a Pink Floyd album cover. " by michaelpilsworth

"Dream Beach " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Point Amour " by robwill236

"Montbel " by EmmanuelVerzura

"Belle Isle Point " by stevechoryan

"Road from above " by angad13

"Iceland Is Art " by seanewest

"The floating ice of Jökulsárlón " by greenograph

" " by DoubleHeadphotography

"DJI_0221 " by simon_cerulean

"The Big Blue " by duelago

"DJI_0057 " by MIO-photography

"oiltanker " by p-3

" " by didierchioccioli

"1/8 mile bridge " by timflanagan

"inbound1602497711635572095 " by chriseaton_7048

" " by Connor_Magro

"Cherry Grove Pier " by echo16photography

"Lofoten " by Pdidii

"Untitled_Panorama1 " by mohammadmanaya

"Red roofs " by ukust

"0a7a396a-160c-4709-9d9d-024fb18db535 " by laithmadhatalhory

"Divine " by baumandietergerg

"Port and the city " by _9879_3692

"87703F10-5970-4096-AE2E-DF28DDD5351D " by jonahrichards

"DJI_0007.JPG " by Yorugua

"Island of Tranquility " by Steve_Deck

"Harvesting teamwork " by danielprice_4060

"Flow " by ryanbuchanan

"Panoramic sunset by the Zaanse Schans " by costasganasosphotography

"Light & shadow " by SergiSRFGA

"Autuumn LP Island-D59 " by NewPerspectives

"cabo-2 " by jessemartineau

"Talacre Lighthouse " by fightthelight

"X " by maoarana

"Eystrahorn from bird’s eye view! " by yenaingwynn

"Protrusion " by DariusBirstonas

"Bill's House " by Guillaume

"20180605-1544-DJI_0063s " by alexandersorokopud

"the paddle out. " by Surfingsaru

"Rip Curl? " by TravisMiddleton

"Phare de Chassiron " by danshachar

"Men of winter...flying over the Sierras at 32000 feet. " by danielinternational

"Kolgrafarfjordur " by philipslotte

"GUARDIANS AT THE GATE " by jimmydcheek

"Føynland Summer Shore " by gerardmeksass


"The First Snowfall " by AndreLJBrandt

"Twin Sisters " by PhotoMark

"From Above " by douglaspratt

"Eye of the volcano " by staceybolter

"A DAY'S WORK_3 " by shailyrawat

"DJI_0056 " by emilneska

"Me and myself " by MiguelMartins

"600m above sea level and the ocean is looking sweet " by shmorten

"Sky Veins " by Mattburgessphoto

"Right Down the Middle " by ArielFried

"Canyon " by Zajphoto

"cache_cd4d6d3a378ed2f66026585d95f303ac_raw " by Blackopdrones

"From Above " by guykrier

"Frozen Silver Lake " by JonByronV

"The Nelder Plot " by intheloupe

" " by tomtyson

"Forms " by fabrizioferraris

"Fishing Boats " by philtaylor_5129

"Even the junkyard can be viewed as beatiful " by capturedslc

"The forgotten wreck " by vincentcroce

"autumn explosion- " by PaulLavoieImages

"Pitstone Windmill from Above " by rd66

"Ying and yang , sand patterns Gas Bay Margaret river " by Inverted_perspectives

"The Curve " by StephenLittlePhotography

"Eastland Place And Mississippi River " by GigiJim08

"RED FLOWER " by alarsen

"Lay'Z White Pocket " by gunnarheilmann

"Histogramm of Waves " by lindastrauta

"Bahai Temple " by Timestr3tch

"Ullajohka " by timoksanen

"Drone shot off the Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado. " by tjlegler

"View from the hot-air balloon " by jean-pierreCharbonnel

"aaa " by tazzzer62

"3 " by q-liebin

"“CICATRIZ SINUOSA” " by Pixelecta

"UP HIGH " by benzcatbagan

"Sky Ice 3692 " by CraigBill

"Summer Beach " by DanMac

"Pink Lake Road " by WAeagle

"Playing in dots ... magenta wins! " by Megabrain

" " by Soulcraft

"Cold morning " by JoskoSimic

"Beach " by bios82

"Shadows " by WWWest

"Time to think " by lukasschlichter

" Surfers in winter on an ice floe aerial view " by Alena_lvin

"Superkilen, Denmark. " by petesmith2710

"Morning Walks " by stuhammill

" " by hjorturlevi

"Road from above " by winner777

"Another day day in the sun... " by blakeabes

"A flamingo colony " by IuFo

"City Beach - Perth WA " by rodstobart

" " by pietrofoto

"small river " by lutum

"#Travel #Myanmar #Inle #Aerial #Fisherman #Water #Place #Shanstate " by HlaingMyintMin

"Floating " by ovidiubujor

"DJI_0221 " by fabiocamandona

"Tizzard's Harbour berg " by baileyparsons

"but why are we so fast " by janezkocbek

"Ready " by bryxter

"Iceland Drone Shot " by jeff0921

"Above the Overseas Highway " by rogeredelmanphoto

"Lost in paradise or flower fields. Either way, it’s paradise. " by Rosborne4703

"Reaching the Island " by kobbiephotography

"Your First Flight " by TomasFonseca

"Lighthouse Mulo " by Photokreso

"Perspective " by Sathya

"Watershed Snow Drone2S " by mvilaret