Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing children getting along with animals in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EOS Rebel Ti5 Camera and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Stacy L. Pearsall for her collaboration as a guest judge. Stacy got her start as an Air Force photographer at the age of 17. During her time in the service, she traveled to over 41 countries, and attended S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. The release of her first photography book, Shooter: Combat from Behind the Camera, received worldwide praise as "A book of the highest levels in the annals of combat journalism."

"Trust" by Wiktoria_irwin

"Big friends" by Fotostyle-Schindler

"Manfred and Annalise" by rachelmackenzie

"A boy and his bunny" by philliphaumesser

"High Five" by SaraHadenfeldt

"Waiting for santa" by Kraftimage

"Kaiser" by vikkirogers

"Conversation" by _2841

"Picnic" by smithcreative

"Natures beauty" by robbuttle

"_DSC3406a" by FloydFoto

"Eleanor and "Brother" Louie" by maloy202

"friendship" by izabelaurbaniak

"Early Farm Mornings" by wonderandwhimsy

"Beauty Within... " by liliaalvarado

"Tiny Friends" by Hestefotograf

"Darius and Maeva" by thierryvouillamoz

"untitled" by bethanysachs

"Morning Friends" by (A)ks_pics

"The best friend of a child" by (A)Streetshooter

"Don't be afraid, Mademoiselle, just let me be your friend" by romanmordashev

"puppy love..." by imagesbystephendavis

"A boy and his pup" by StephanieStafford_Photog

"Wating for crumbs" by johnlockie

"bigredbarnphoto_littleboys2" by Bigredbarnphoto

"love for a little pet" by (A)froirivera

"Wonder." by shubbsphotography

"the kiss" by francescarossi

"Friends" by agnieszkagulczyska

"IMG_0580" by MarshaK

"The love of a pet" by lynniroberts

"Raymond_Morrison_Documentary-November_UK_14" by lucidimages

"nap" by Andreamartinphoto

"Madeline and Hunter" by anewhof

"Girl and a donkey" by (A)Kriskow

"The kiss" by lisanicole

"Waves of Gold" by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"New Kittens" by snshpall

"Jacob&Jersey" by kimduncanperron

"Greca&Lola" by (A)OmbrettaCorda

"Walk with my Charlie rabbit" by Child_Expressions

"untitled" by clareahalt

"Best Friends" by laurenmitchell_5247

"Chickadee" by (A)SvnDaffodils

"No Words" by Darren_Arena

"Morning Walk" by adrianmurray

"Making Friends" by tressiedavis

"Anak Gembala" by iwansoleiman

"Best Pals" by beckykempf

"Love for the Buzz" by loriostroski

"meeting" by (A)zenaj

"Eskimo Kisses" by aprileisele

"I'm Not Leaving Without Them!" by StamosFineArt

"Red and Wolf" by lauradark