Boudoir wedding photos are sensual, effortless, and romantic. They celebrate the beauty and personality of the bride while bringing the body to the focus. Passionate, inviting, and sexy, a bridal boudoir photoshoot should be an amazing experience for the bride and create memories for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it should capture the bride’s attitude, the pair’s unique love story, and a glimpse of the groom’s personality. While the bride is the focal point, boudoir wedding photography is a story of two people who fall in love and get married. It’s not one-sighted at all. So check out the following ideas and learn how to style a bridal boudoir photoshoot and create visual stories.

1. The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the obvious choice because it represents so well the big day. However, boudoir wedding shots should have a different approach than regular wedding photos. Focus on capturing the sensuality of the bride, the way she moves, and the lines of her body.

Allow the bride to pose naturally and move while you take the shot. Also, find an angle that underlines the design of the dress, its details, and the way it complements the woman’s body.

2. Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is always a special choice. Although not all brides choose white lingerie, the attention to detail is exceptional and most women choose lingerie they don’t normally wear, such as corsets and lace camisoles. That will definitely make the groom’s heart beat faster.

Allow your model to show her personality and stylistic taste and reveal as much of her body as she considers comfortable. Don’t force anything on the bride because chances are she will look stiff and stressed. Bridal boudoir photography is a delicate genre that requires making the model feel comfortable above anything else.

3. The Veil

The veil is not only a fashion statement but also a meaningful item in a bride’s outfit. It represents surrender to the power of love, giving her body and soul to the one she loves, and so many other things depending on the culture. Thus, the veil is a subtle manifest to include in a bridal boudoir photo session. 

Regardless of whether the bride decides to wear only the veil or not, get close and focus on the delicacy of the veil. Invite de bride to speak without words and manifest her love and tenderness for her partner. This should be a romantic and inviting composition that makes the groom feel like he is in the room.

4. Nothing

Some brides will agree to be photographed wearing nothing at all. The beauty of their skin and their passionate attitude speak for themselves. Find a décor that complements the female body and underlines her natural beauty. Create a lighting design that flatters the skin tone and makes the hair shine. A soft, lateral light may be exactly what you need. If you use the black and white aesthetic, try an orange filter for smooth skin.

5. Honeymoon Theme

Boudoir wedding photography combines portraiture and storytelling. Therefore, focus not only on the beauty of the bride but also on their story. A honeymoon theme allows you to incorporate the personalities of the two partners, the things they like to do together, and a glimpse of their future adventures. Use props that remind them of their honeymoon, such as straw hats for an exotic vacation, skies for a sportive honeymoon, or a gourmand breakfast for a week in a luxury destination.

6. Silk

Silk is rich, voluptuous, elegant, and fluid. It follows the body line and adds movement and texture to your composition. It’s also extremely sensual and pleasant, which makes it often associated with brides and weddings. Silk lingerie, sheets, or clothes will emphasize the bride’s femininity and add a different layer of significance to your bridal boudoir photos.

Encourage the bride to wear whatever color she likes the most and allow her personality to shine through. Boudoir wedding photography is prone to cliché photographs with white outfits and standard poses. But when the bride comes up with ideas and engages in the photo session, the story takes the scene and helps you create unique compositions.

7. Lace

Like silk, lace is also a popular choice amongst brides but for different reasons. Lace is romantic, bohemian, and feminine. It represents fragility and sensibility and usually fits a more traditional bride. But the playfulness of embroidery, the mix of transparency, and the rich details create a very sensual image.

Ensure the material’s details are sharp and clear and focus on the combination of highlights and shadows. Colored lace is a better choice for boudoir bridal photographs because it creates contrast and texture. It also suits a modern bride with a graphical, abstract style who treasures her independence and feminine strength.

8. Transparent Fabric

A piece of transparent fabric may make wonders for your boudoir photographs. It allows the model to reveal as much as she feels comfortable and creates mystery and desire. A see-through fabric invites the groom to use his imagination and builds expectations. It’s an open invitation to intimacy and tenderness, a promise for a future life together, and a sensitive way of telling the groom she is his.

Experiment with clarity and blur areas and make sure your composition has a strong focal point. Transparency may be difficult to photograph, so use color and contrast to balance the composition.

9. Knitwear

The outfit of a bridal boudoir photoshoot should make the bride feel comfortable and sexy. Although precious fabric and lingerie are the obvious choice for many brides, some prefer the more familiar and cozy approach to knitwear. If that’s the case for your model, support her decision because it gives you a big advantage.

Knitwear in boudoir wedding photographs means unique compositions. The contrast between the texture of the knitwear and the smoothness of the skin adds depth and a 3D feeling. The fabric may or may not be see-through but it nevertheless follows the body shape and creates a sensual appearance. Knitwear is something one wants to touch, and that’s perfect for your artistic purpose.

10. His Clothes

Wearing the groom’s clothes has many benefits for everyone. It makes the bride feel comfortable and relaxed, surrounded by a familiar touch (and even smell), and close to her partner. It also makes the groom feel invited and desired. After all, a part of him is already in the picture. 

Last but not least, it allows the photographer to experiment with shapes and dimensions, the contrast between a woman’s shape and a masculine style, and the story behind the scene. Let the bride choose her favorite clothes from her partner’s wardrobe. It may be a casual shirt, a sweater, shorts, or a smart coat.

11. Jewelry

Jewelry is part of any bride’s outfit and has much more than an aesthetic role. They have sentimental value and enrich the visual story with an endless list of intimate moments and memories. Seeing your bride wearing nothing but the jewelry you gave her is touching and inviting. It tells the story of two people who fell in love and vowed to live together.

Whether you use the wedding ring or other symbolic piece of jewelry, ensure it is in focus. A close-up composition works wonders in this scenario because it allows you to keep the jewelry in focus and blur everything else.

12. Fantasy Thematic

Similar to the honeymoon thematic, a fantasy thematic tells a story and represents the personalities of the two partners. It’s also fun and playful and gives you the chance to experiment with props and unusual angles. Take the time to discuss with the bride before the bridal boudoir photoshoot and find out what she and her partner enjoy. It may be a reference to their favorite movie, holiday destination, or activity. Fantasy has no limits and that makes photography very interesting.

13. Flowers

Taking a boudoir wedding photoshoot outside the studio may be challenging but it’s equally rewarding. Instead of covering the bride in silk or lace, cover her in flowers. Find a field of poppies or tulips and encourage the model to move freely among them. For a couple who loves nature, being outdoors and enjoying the company of flowers is a sensual experience.

Find a remote location where you won’t be disturbed and the bride can relax. She doesn’t have to be naked to get the boudoir effect you are after. She may reveal just her back, her shoulders, or her legs. Just give the impression of intimacy and desire, and you’ll get the effect you are after.

14. Something Blue

Many brides add to their wedding outfits something old, new, and blue. Why not use something blue for the boudoir wedding photo session as well? It may be lingerie, fabric, flowers, a hat, or anything else. Adding a pop of blue makes the composition cheerful and playful and allows you to experiment with color contrast. Use a shade of blue that complements your model’s skin tone and hair color.

15. Underwater Theme

Underwater boudoir wedding photography is challenging but provides a unique experience. Gracious, sensual, and dynamic, an underwater theme is the essence of femininity and connectivity. Not all brides will agree to this, but those who do will have a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

If you are familiar with underwater photography and know the perfect place for a photo session, include a few photos in your portfolio. Ultimately the bride will decide, but offer her the chance to see the aesthetic and atmosphere of your photographs.

So, what is a bridal boudoir shoot?

Boudoir wedding photography requires a combination of skills, including technical skills, storytelling abilities, and social skills. To avoid clichés, discuss with the bride before the photoshoot and decide together what aesthetic, mood, style, and message you will use. Her personality combined with your artistic style will ensure unique compositions and an authentic atmosphere. Furthermore, she will feel much more relaxed when she’s in control of the session, chooses the poses, and engages with the story behind the camera.

Why do brides take boudoir photos?

The main reason for which brides take boudoir photos is to surprise their partners. Boudoir photos are usually wedding gifts to their husbands. At the same time, they are a celebration of the human body, an expression of love, and a promise of a good life together. Women choose to reveal their sensuality and invite their partners into the deep waters of their femininity. Boudoir wedding photographs complete the wedding day and create unforgettable memories for both of them.