Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing large mammals in this photo contest with chances to win a Tamron lens and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Cracked" by MKPhotographysa

Congratulations Runner Up "Who are you?" by mortenross

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Elephant Stare Down" by SamuelJBogle

Congratulations People's Choice "Family Train " by Tysondv

"Now that you wake me up is better for you to run" by albertoghizzipanizza

"Hippo" by lmr337

"Hippo" by CobusOosthuizen

"Leopard in Moremi" by andytaylor756

"Humpback Breaching at Sunset" by jborys

"Elephant Pile Up" by markcowne

"Mission Accomplished!" by pattilarsonphotos

"tiger power" by Anneliese-Photography

"Mother and Calf" by ron7cal

"Splash Down - Biggs Transient Orca" by PNWnative

"I'll Get 'Cha!" by terryc

"Rhinos" by sallybryancullen

"polar bears" by Elchin_Jabbarov

"Guardian of the Clam" by questforwildlife

"Mommy & Me" by imeldabell

"Stare Down" by galsworth

"Drinking lioness" by vladcech

""tale" of the whale" by noway13

"Tiger On a Log" by YNot2K

"Kudu" by mikehodgson

"The Dark Side of Animals - Rhino" by dezkarpatiphotography

"The Best Viewpoint" by davidgodwin

"Elephant on a Mound" by mkriggins

"Elephant Portrait" by zistos

""My what big teeth you have"" by HarryC

"Tusk to Tusk" by stumac

"African sunset" by Jtrojer

"Cape Cod MA 8" by RobWaples

"Humpback Breach" by patrick9x9

\"thoughful" by CreativeArtView

"20150830-Finland 02-2719" by milert

"Jump For Joy" by Stu_Soley

"Humpbacked whale off Ecuador" by IanEmmett

"Grizzlies" by JoAnneRobbinsSmith

"Double Breach" by PhotosbyJLR

"Fierce" by HappyTree

"Majesty" by TravelAbruzzo

"Humpback whale swimming around" by woeckdnis

"The Waltz" by karyntureckischiller

"Feeding time" by CoastalRealm

"Brown Bear" by kaunisto_pasi

"Family Values" by bitterer

"Red Deer in snow_7" by JacquesH60

"The Pack" by MadhouseHeaven

"Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 01/2017" by alainmauviel

"DSC01897" by christiangilder

"Stags Head" by robertpuig

"Mark Swandale_Dust bath with Mom" by markswandale

"Stare " by sebastian_harvey

"Bull moose " by BrowerNaturePhotography

"Resting Orcas" by Lpepz

"Giraffe" by lonniewehunt

"Mr Grizzly" by erangissis

"King of the Carpathians" by lszlpotozky

"Humpback Whale Spy Hop, Maui Hawaii" by billklipp

"King" by briansuter

"Whales" by JaribFoto

"lion feeding" by constancemorris

"Coming up for air" by colelmore

"Eye, eye" by andrewsmith_5524

"Apart of the bubble" by davetalling

"Taking a ride" by wilcoUK

"bears eye view " by martynbennett

"Amanda & Canopener" by Spider1987

"Play Fighting" by AlaskaPinesPhotography

"Stalking Jaguar" by Bjammin

"moo" by MariLaegreid

"Humpback whales in Antarctica" by HeleneS