For this mystery photo contest, we invited members to show how they interpret the theme "beach vibes" with chances to win a Tamron AF 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 lens and more. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winners' announcement coming soon:

"Girls Love " by Schnabler

"Florida_Cruise 2011 Blue Lagoon 3jpg " by doubleplay

"Woman photographing the ocean " by matilda_kohonen

"Smiling on Blauwberg Beach, Cape Town, South Africa " by DarkWildWaters

"Cute girl " by TomaJFoto

"mediterranean " by lrizzodg

"Natai Beach " by iScreen

"Good Morning! " by kutsey

"Beyond the Pier " by simalg05

"Not all stars belong to the sky " by KatieMcKinneyPhotography

"Surfer's Secret " by CraigBill

"Cofete " by Fannie_Jowski

"Afternoon Watch " by nusan_photography

"Day Dreaming " by odedios

" " by life-facsimiles

" " by josemiguelfortezamestre

"90D7C30E-90FE-484A-8A6F-73B178BF5C02 " by zoraidasanchehernandez

"Admiring Nature " by rowanke

"Jaws Beach Maui " by sald9287

"IMG_5507 " by SynMike

"Cold water - warm hearts " by joggievanstaden

"Face the Sun " by alexroibu

"Instagram: @albakerphoto (model: @iamkindred) " by albaker

"Dragon Head rock " by binataylor

"Gateway to paradise " by Darrenp

"DSC_0602 " by franklinabbott

"Champagne Sands " by AzuraPhotography

"free surf " by adelmomassola

"Westbeach ob the peninsula Darss Germany " by RalfvonSamson

"Soon " by NevePhotography

"surfer 1 " by telmark

"Follow Me to the Sun " by pedroquintela

"Ying and yang , sand patterns Gas Bay Margaret river " by Inverted_perspectives

"Lakes Entance Beach " by philtaylor_5129

"free your mind " by LigaVanaga

"Jump for Joy " by MadhouseHeaven

""music was my first love" " by MarilyndePolignac

"This is Why I Love Dumbo " by DanielPoggioli

"In the barrel " by jasonosborne

"Surfing into the Extreme " by MrSPhotographyAustralia

"Silver Flyer " by SashaQ

""Splash of Sun" " by danmoran

"Endless Fathers Days! " by Drsilly31

"Memories " by Child_Expressions

"Sunrise and fog " by DustinPenman

"Full moon rising " by jimoconnor

"Morning wave rider " by beamieyoung

"Lake Sunset " by judewalton

"Ella-1-beach " by jenniferwilhite_photog

"Vivianne " by josephleduc

"Golden-Glow-Sea-sparkle-Beach " by PetarBphotography

"Duck Dive " by stefanoatzeni81

"Under The Pier at Ky Co Beach " by trumanha

"Abstract Pebbles " by Snow-Lynx

"Baby Beach Day " by dellaina

"Ubatuba " by allansribeiro

"The Beach " by rebecca812

"Sea & Land " by martijnvdnat

"Storm is coming " by Andreas_Voigt

"Dream Beach " by EpicByErika

"Yellow Morning n.02 " by stellabonatto

"Camping on a beach in Mexico on christmas, you figure out your own Christmas Tree. " by Meg83

"Serenity " by pramita

"Haley " by luismcara

"Summer mood " by alexmazilu

"image " by scottphillipson

"wedding crasher " by JennaVee

"Beautifully Tattered " by TawnyHorton

"DSC01033 " by jasongeneric

"Lady Brum " by Badjulha

"Spring Horns " by alszajman

"cala del morto " by DanieleJ

"Serenity Amidst the Crowds " by abstractrealist

"D. " by Kerberos486

"Two umbrellas " by q-liebin

" " by RobiF

"Land of My Birth " by OrvilleSpence

"look, an adventure " by tysonharrison

"Ocean Tones " by jlqphotovideo

"Charly " by Phanganphotography

"Lines in the Sand " by Jeremydean80

"DJI_0447 " by stephenleonardi

"Hannah " by KevWilliamsPhotography

"beach siesta " by Benninojets

"Elbstrand Portrait " by FrauGipp

"141330FB-6D71-4143-86F0-41F9D73F67AD " by aliseppala

"The surfers " by PipGo

"Cave girl " by moritzleonard

"Anna and the lighthouse " by sarahwolfe_1013

"Kristen and the Sea " by Fotozap

"Tire Track with Running Woman " by lucretia

"Warm Sand " by (A)Kmpat2002

"Is there Happiness down there? " by (A)carlotaandrade

"Mara " by (A)jennycameron

"Sky Dancers " by (A)Chrissywphoto

"w a v e s " by (A)tatumthedirector