viewbug and artFix are collaborating in an exhibition to showcase top creatives. On September 27th, 15 viewbug members will have their images printed and exhibited in the UK. artFix is where you come to make your project happen. A one-stop platform from conception to execution, artFix is the combination of a café, a co-working space, a learning center and a popup venue. Here you may enjoy the creative content on show or create your own.

"Net " by wayneedginton

" " by Kareas

"Splash " by robbyticknor

"Gravemakers and Gunslingers " by HathsinPhotography

"Lethe's Asylum No. 10 " by levinlee

"Double Beauty " by ralfeyertt

"In the mist " by mounirrabhihallner

"Chasing the Jades " by sarilaci12

"Lonely logs in the orange autumn woods " by Hud1ai2

"Palazzo della civiltĂ  italiana (Roma, Italy) " by massimilianoagati

"Winter is Coming " by Geinis

"The fisherman of Inle lake " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Wooden Pier 1 " by Orphy

"The worker " by iordandanielteodorescu

"Old and New " by haydensteele

"Tempus fugit " by sxsvexen

"* " by animebox

"Laura (1 of 1) " by ajcophotography

"2 " by Talmaza

"Motherhood " by scottwickward

"Michelle_Shadow " by markcarolan

"POWER OF THE HERD " by Masher

"Run " by maciejplewicki_fotografia

"Martina " by maximilian_eheim

"Attitude " by _Subarna

"Red reflex " by ilyablinov

"Coffee with Sarah " by NicoleShotMe

"Butterfly dreams " by mariakinosian

"Mirna " by MarkoBeljan


"Lady in the Boat | Liliya Nazarova " by liliyanazarova

"Hilltop " by (A)Twilightgirl

"L'harmonica " by (A)BrigitteDupuis

"Emese en pointe " by gabrielastiep

"Flower girl " by daliaa

"DSCF3074 " by ianpett

"Ce type est plein " by siamesesam

"M. " by MariaSchaeferPhotography

"Stunned by the cold " by Jesse3650

"the King " by bendikstalheim

"Nubra Valley camels " by TendrelImages

"Whisp of hair " by blitzlichtgewitter

"Sisters " by lauracallsen

"The Lost Swimmer " by ElenaParaskeva

"Arctic Sailing Sea Ice " by jamesrushforth

"Vintage Bike " by carlbrugger