Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Animals And Rule Of Thirds Photo Contest in collaboration with Macphun, sharing their best photos showing the right use of rule of thirds with chances to win Macphun Tonality and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Hillary Younger for her collaboration as a guest judge. Hillary is a landscape photographer based in southeast Tasmania. Her first explorations of the island’s forests, mountains and shoreline were on horseback, later venturing into remote locations on extended hiking trips. In 2007, she went into the mountains with a camera, for the first trip with a specific photographic intention.

"Checking the tree" by thomasretterath

"Owl Prowl" by JestePhotography

"Duck Walk" by (A)MBatchellor

"Woodside" by anitahogue

"Dog on rock" by ChrisG

"Bald Eagle" by Rusmwood

"the fastest bugg in the west" by JennaVee

"yellow-billed Hornbill" by namibelephant

"LEMUR" by Missklik

"Pink Flamingo 5" by Jeffery_Hartman

"changing direction" by leannescherp

"Tawny Eagle" by Alannixon

"glory " by (A)kathyallison

"Red Deer" by iesphotos

"Whitetail" by (A)Cbries

"The Observer" by lszlpotozky

"Purple Roller" by wildpainter

"Jacko the Papillon" by dasBildprojekt

"Sunrise Owl" by (A)chuckrockwell

"Feeding the Fledglings" by alanpeterson

"Honu pose" by markmahler

"City Hurdling ~" by Henrik_Spranz

"one eyed king " by (A)Abulman

"South Georgia Island" by Forrest_Brown

"Great Gray Owl" by brandonbroderick

"ADSC01810" by retsev

"Hedgehog" by MichalCandrak

"Rainy days" by tanjabrandt

"Angelic Owl" by natosed

"Concentration" by Skowron

"Rusty's Sherbet"" by mariaserrano

"Cute Squirrel" by Evi_Verstraeten

"Making a splash!" by chrisholcroft

"Catch Me If You Can" by stefanozocca

"The King" by HamishMitchell

"The Gentle King" by GeraintRadford

"Group of Penguins" by elissatitle

"Family Dynamic B & W" by jreid13

"My little Oi" by Mughits

"A little wet?" by (A)chrisreichard

"Ready for crossing 2016" by Julia-Moon

"Afternoon Snack" by doc323

"Into the great wide open" by JimCumming

"beautiful but deadly" by chrisgraham_6537

"Luke-2-" by jenniferwilhite_photog

"Full Mouth" by bmackenziephotography

"New Zealand White Heron with Fish" by NZEXPOSED_Photography

"Emperor in Antarctica" by kiramorris

"Young Llama" by Laska

"seagull2" by jeannietrasolini

"Keep Looking Girl This One Is Taken" by Mystical12

"King of the Castle" by (A)Twilightgirl

"Kung Fu Owl" by windycorduroy

"Hunting Barn Owl" by philowen

"green eyes" by LucBaekelandt

"The Fight" by patrick9x9

"The Coiffeur" by charlotterhodes

"Sunset Shark" by Greatwhitesean