For this contest we asked you to show us how you use mirrors to capture faces. Show how you are using the mirror's reflection to achieve an interesting conceptual story. From in-studio planned portraits to incognito reflections thank you for being part of this people's photo contest with chances to win a DJI Mavic Spark and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Yevhen Samuchenko for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Yevhen's works have been published in magazines, books and on online versions of these publishers and media: N-Photo, Bruckmann Publisher, BBC news, CNN, National Geographic, Yahoo news, Story Terrace, BuzzFeed, UNESCO official website, and others. My photographs were awarded a lot of medals and prizes, including 3 FIAP Gold medal, IPA silver, HIPA Merit medal. My photos was exhibited at UK (London), United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, China and other countries. I open to any form of creativity and cooperation.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner " mirror " by slavasamoikenko

"The idea, mood and of course the reflection in the mirror have the perfect combination that led me to choose this picture as the winner! The shape of the piece of the mirror reminds me of a new moon, and the tattoo design on the arm fits very well into the picture. Congratulations to the winner!" - Yevhen Samuchenko

Congratulations Runner Up "unmasked " by beamieyoung

"A wonderful shot, with a very well-developed depth and brilliant processing! The emotional look of the girl enhances the viewing experience! Bravo!" - Yevhen Samuchenko

Congratulations Runner Up "playing with water " by zzimmerman

"I feel as if this is an iconic and very emotional photo! An unusual composition invites the viewer to think about how the photo was shot. The idea of ​​using water instead of a mirror is also good. Excellent work!" - Yevhen Samuchenko

Congratulations Amateur Winner " " by kayleegarrett

Congratulations People's Choice "Skye Reflecting " by seanewest

"reflection " by Lajos

"Loretta " by rexjones

"Looking in the mirror... " by Marie_Aranie

"Sunburst Selfie " by stephaniewhitfieldjones

"Hot Lips " by brandonturner

"6/13The dream at the end of the road " by nainleon

"_DSC0264 " by JackesPhotography

"In The Mirror " by Julieweiss

"Black & white beauty " by AmyNash

" " by Mjenphotography

"????? " by SKalinkin

"Doppelganger " by Paige-Addams

"Reflection " by Nabil_Darell

"private moment " by JaniKarlsson

"past perfect " by Mokwang

"Izolda " by StefanWitte

"Vapor " by nonseireale83

"Venus " by Aidonera

" " by noellewolcin

"Elegant throwback " by JDesjardins

"Renee " by LelaKieler

"Mirror Mirror on the wall " by stevewillder

"magic mirror " by christophreiter

"Gi - Mirror 1 " by gabrielfox

"Cabaret " by marcoantonioperna

"mirror mirror on the wall " by Greenbee

"Jasmine " by joemiglionico

"FinalWillieRearView " by photobyt

"Beauty Reflected " by PaulMaxwell23

"Milena " by SToncic

"Special Day " by mikewall

"the story of my life " by leonpelser

"Reflection " by garythatcher


"Barbara in the mirror " by ddiarte

"Tanya " by garyhurdman

"Mirrored Angel " by Kajameraimages

"Mirror Mirror " by riskephoto

"Mirror Mirror " by scottfinney

"French actress " by thomasarthuis

"Makeup " by PeterHardin

"Rickshaw Driver in New Delhi " by lukegram

"“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” " by juliagoss

"Make me up " by FoodiePhotog

" " by ladymehanphoto

"Dancers Behind The Scenes " by clairegriffiths

"|| caught in dreams || " by tpratsch

"The Maing Of A Selfie " by photorp

"Barbershop Madagascar " by d_pollet

"reflection " by _6147

"Don't look back " by mohamadaz

" " by PaigeFreier

"me and leanne bell " by drewer1er

"mirror mirror " by posacka

"Baiyok " by sengza

"Mirror mirror on the wall. " by ImageFaktory

" Reflections on Ambivalence " by JessicaDrossin

"Amber " by luismcara

"Broken " by bendikstalheim

"3 Francescas " by antoniogirlando

"Noir " by Byondhelp

"Waiting games with Aleksa " by designpictures

"Irina " by klepikovadaria

"Self " by JuliaAltork

"Young maiko fixing her make-up " by Patosan

"A1034-no-17 " by Pablo-Klik

"Liliya Color " by warrenstowell

"Xmass Mood " by kirehajba

" " by massimilianomancini

"Mirror mirror " by Helen_Mountaniol

"In the Mirror " by ralfeyertt

"Julia " by guilhermeescosteguy

"Mirror mirror " by ShiftingLightPhotography

"... " by StLookUs

"Marcela " by DaveKelleyArtistics

"sorrow " by TatanZuleta

"In the mirror " by usachevalexander

"Girl in the mirror " by Chris_Bos_Photography

"There are two ways of spreading light ... To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton (1862 - 1937) " by wenchejostad

"High Fashion " by MR_fotoworx