Say hello to ViewBug community member and guest judge Tyler Thompson. My name is Tyler Thompson and I am from Northwest Arkansas! My wife and I currently run a Wedding Photography and Videography business. Although I mostly shoot weddings I have a passion for Landscape Photography. Any chance I get, I go outside and explore the world around me. Photography has given me so many opportunities to travel this Earth.

1. I love photography because: Photography has allowed me to travel to many places and meet so many people I would never have had the chance to if I wasn’t a photographer.

2. My camera lets me: Capture the beauty I see in this world and let me share it with everyone. It allows me to forever capture a moment that may never happen again.

3. I find inspiration when: I am able to take a trip with some of my fellow photographer friends and learn from them new techniques and see how they can capture the same scene I am from a totally different perspective.

4. One of the photos I am most proud of is:  Because I have been wanting to capture this exact spot for so long and I planned this trip for awhile and was finally able to make it happen. I spent hours waiting for the light to get just right to be able to capture this photo.

5. My favorite place to shoot is: My favorite place to shoot is anywhere outdoors. I love being able to capture this Earth’s beauty anywhere I am at. I hope to travel more this coming year so I can capture new places I have yet to explore.

6. My favorite tool in my camera bag is: My canon 6d. I take it everywhere I go and never leave it behind.

7. If I could have one camera: The new Canon mark Iv because I feel they have perfected everything that I dont quite like in the 6d. The auto focus and Iso performance looks amazing. I hope to be able to own one soon!

8. These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share:

1. Do not let your gear stop you from creating art. There will always be a better camera then the one you own. Learn how to use what you have the best way possible.

2. Don’t stop learning. I will never feel like I have learned everything there is about photography. I am constantly researching techniques so I can be a better photographer.

3. Just get out there and start shooting! You won’t get better until you get out with your camera and practice. We all start as beginners so don’t give up!

9. I like ViewBug because: I am able to connect with other photographers out there and have fun competing in contest!

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