All artists eventually reach an idealess moment which feels like all creativity has escaped through the window, leaving us with concepts and creations that we have already seen before. Originality is essential to be fully satisfied with one's work, here are some tips to help you maintain your creative juices flowing:

Discuss photography and art over coffee

Coffee brakes are a great opportunity for cultural conversations. Bouncing constructive criticism and scrutinizing photos might open your mind to see what others see (which may not always be the same thing you see).

Latte Art by karenalsop


Go on a photo walk with one of your friends

Photo walks are a must for any type of photographer. Not only you may visit great places to shoot that you would have never find otherwise, but also you can discuss ideas on the composition and subjects around that on your own may have never occurred to you.

The Pixel Poet by thepixelpoet

@ PixelPoet

Sketch, even if you're no good!

The fastest way to translate a thought into a tangible thing is pen and paper. Sketching and drawing requires a lot of talent (no need to try and do better than the Mona Lisa), express what you visualize and improve it even before you go take the shot.

Fame by NDLF


Check out your town's 'gallery district'

Local art is a great source for new trends from artists that may not have the greatest source of financial backup to get the right tools. Financial struggle usually results in taking that extra step to make it all work in a creative way.

art of reflection by rascalphoto

@ rascalphoto

Visit your local art museum

Analyzing masterful pieces and learning from the most influential artists in history will provide you with a strong base to start your creative journey.

Pyramid by stephenhunt

@ stephenhunt

Pick up an architecture magazine

Architecture magazines will include articles and photos of designs that must work within an available space. The viewfinder behaves in the same way, you have limited space, you must become great on the optimization and creative use of this space.

Spiraling by ClaudiaKuhn

@ ClaudiaKuhn

Take a different path to work

Change usually opens the door for new thoughts and ideas. Routine is very comfortable but can become stagnant in ways that may block your mind's development.

Kampala by Night by Georgikate

@ Georgikate

Visit your library

What better place to find a countless resource of examples and artistic success stories than a library. Libraries are cool again, take advantage of their priceless collections.

Bookworm by kavance

@ kavance