We recently announced the winners of  the Photoshop Week Photo Contest we hosted in collaboration with CreativeLive. We are excited to share some insights from the Photoshop Week Classes, enjoy!

3 Photoshop Retouching Tips for Awesome Environmental Portraits
by Rachel Gregg & CreativeLive

“When most people think ‘Photoshop retouching’ they think pores, making eyes bright and hair shiny, but there are a lot of different things you can do.” That’s how Aaron Nace kicked off the conversation during his Photoshop Week class, Perfecting Environmental Portraits in Photoshop. Environmental portraits place the subject in context – which lends meaning and adds interest but can easily distract from the primary subject.

Arizona by Alekseytulskikh - Photoshop Week Photo Contest

(photo by Alekseytulskikh)

In order to ensure your environmental portraits strike the right balance of keeping this interesting while keeping the viewer focused on the intended focal point, Aaron offered some simple tips that make your retouching process more streamlined and effective.

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A few environmental portraits we love from the ViewBug community

Spring Will Come Again by RCorneliusphoto

(photo by RCorneliusphoto)


Twilight Game. by Clairvoyant_Photography

(photo by Mitch_oro)


Cold Case by spectaclephoto

(photo by spectaclephoto)


Angel by lisaholloway

(photo by lisaholloway)


(photo by MilicaDC)

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