My Tilted Camera Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their shots taken with a tilted camera in this photo contest. Tilted photography has recently gain a lot of popularity based on the increase of available point and shoot cameras such as mobile phones. (not to be confused with Tilt Shift). Moving the camera to creative angles can result in amazing additions to the overall composition of the photo with naturally added visual effects. A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Kristi Bonnei. Kristi Bonney is a freelance photographer based in Washington state, specializing in lifestyle portraiture and landscape photography. She’s shared her expertise as a speaker, educated photographers through her online photo challenges, and was most recently selected as a Tamron Lenses Image Master. Kristi’s personal work is inspired by the physical and emotional connections that her subjects have with their environment. We appreciate the collaboration of all the photographers that helped us find the People’s Choice by voting for their favorite shots!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “A Bugs Eye View!” by AshThomson

“Beautifully lit. Strong composition. Unique perspective. What a fantastic image!” – Kristi Bonney 

Congratulations Runner Up “Tempest, Montreal” by jpcastonguay

“The artist’s unique perspective and choice of composition really do a great job of conveying the power and beauty of this aging mammoth of a building. ” – Kristi Bonney 

Congratulations Runner Up “Claustrophobia” by HappyMelvin

“Wonderful exposure and composition. Great point of view. This image evokes a strong, unsettling feeling of claustrophobia and I love that! Great images evoke strong feelings.” – Kristi Bonney 

“untitled” by dasayush

“The Tower” by Lunieri

“Wrawby Postmill Star Trail 2″ by Bob-Riach

Philip Johnson

“2012-11-07_22003″ by csmmacker2004

“On the way up” by uyraffy

“Sky Hoops” by alissaspieces

“untitled” by WISNUHY

“Rotunda Art” by Ayersphotography

“Church Riglos” by Sanmi

“Paris Laying Down” by LarryGreene


“gray tree frog overhead” by bmfox

“Staircase” by maksym

“GoodMorningSalute” by fcornish

“night sky” by PHOTOHAPPY

“Star Of India” by ejc619

“Storm in a teacup” by carl_doghouse

“Wrawby Post Mill” by martynleaning

“Looking up into the Redwoods” by chipbhi

“Lights” by tunapala

“View from below” by TrishGolden

“Mounted Cadillac” by krisfarruggia

“Atrium” by SteveBW

“The London Eye” by TimK

“The Eye” by keepingitneil

“Heads Up” by nadir_aziz

Congratulations to People’s Choice “Different View-2255″ by Oddball

Street Signs Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing street signs for a chance to win a Zenfolio account. Zenfolio is the best all-in-one solution for photographers to display, share, and sell their work online. A big thank you to guest judge Todd Williams. Tod is an editorial and commercial photographer who was born and raised in central Minnesota. Todd moved to New York City in 1995 where he worked under the tutelage of respected photographers like Gregory Heisler, Howard Schatz and Keneth Willardt. Todd’s specific lighting techniques and unique camera perspectives give his work a crisp, inviting look that lures the observer into the image.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Atmospheric” by Barbiecm

“I just love this picture, love the light and the overall feeling. The old iron gate around the headstone, street signs in the foreground and of course the old bench were you sit and you would have your back to the head stone. I kinda get an erie feeling from this photograph. Great shot!”- Todd Williams

Congratulations Runner Up “Which Way- (1 of 1)” by LornaSmithPhotography

Congratulations Runner Up “Welcome to Otterburne” by jordanmcrae

“No Dumping Please” by donnakirby

“943A1169″ by jamiebarge-daigle

“finished85″ by Shoemaker

“Crossroads” by shannon_alicki_creative

“TBH_6261″ by tobyblades

“After the Flood destruction” by huch5150

“Slippery” by AshThomson

“DSC_0178.jpg” by ErikB

“Danger Zone” by tpeach1127

“Which Way?” by JourneysInLight

“Stop!!!” by Hylas

l”et’s go left” by okgood

“Fertile Hills” by sburn01

Congratulations People’s Choice “birds_(477_of_505)” by webejamn

Women and Flowers Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their beautiful entries in the photo contest for a chance to win a Sony DSC-QX10 Lens. A big thank you to Hiro for his collaboration ad a guest judge. “I cut off poetic space by my iphone. I like the atmosphere with which the loneliness of human beings and grand nature has lived together.”

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “IMG_1884-Edit-Edit-2″ by qazalmaroufi

“What an amazing portrait with the flower.  The light is perfect here and I love how the use of light and the colors in this photo accentuates the flower.” – Hiroaki Fukuda 

Congratulations Runner Up “Quen” by terryconceja

“I love how everything is staged here.  How the female seems so at peace and one with the flowers.” – Hiroaki Fukuda 

Congratulations Runner Up “dandelion princess” by jennifermacneill

“I love the combination of the flowers and the playful innocence displayed through the photo.” – Hiroaki Fukuda 

“Beauty” by Gigin

“flowers” by terryconceja

“Spring time” by anamejia

“in the forest” by durgagarcia

“Tulip Goddess” by jeffmcneill

“IMG_8825-Recovered” by teresaallredfranz

“emily rose” by karingethin

“Bed of roses” by jennisjberg

“sarah bohemian ravishing photography13-33-24″ by Ravishing

“IMG_5272″ by RMendoza

“Andra in the mountains” by meganreneedidier

“Beautiful spring” by photos287

“oh didn’t see you there” by allywaly

“Last Days of Summer” by marc-photographie

“Garden Princess” by melissapapaj

“IMG_6944″ by thedoguefather

“Emeline” by PierreTurtaut

“Eyes Open” by ctbugan

“Rose” by ReaVasic

“hope” by slavasamoikenko

“Sleeping Beauty” by vbellie660629141378361

“Self Portrait” by EmmaPhillipson

“Peaceful Moment”” by scbrowns3

“Light” by bonniecarharthill

“Awaiting My Lover’s Beckoning” by tinekeziemer

“IMG_0948_Bolgova Julia_red roses fashion” by olenazaskochenko

“In the grace of Light” by CharlieBurgioPh

“Red and Blue” by Justinas

Congratulations People’s Choice “Spring” by vickiecrosbycarroll

Old and Rusty Photo Contest Finalists!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots of rusty and classic items in this Mystery Photo Contest! Rusty items are great subjects to capture, usually telling a great story representing the past. Be sure to browse the gallery within this contest and view a collection of inspirational images that will ignite your creativity to get new images from old and possibly forgotten items. Stay tuned for the upcoming Mystery Photo Contests!

A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winners by voting for their favorite shots. We truly appreciate your feedback!

Congratulations to People’s Choice “Old Truck Light Painting” by milemu23

“Main Street Barstow California” by toxictabasco

“Bodie State Park” by ckautzer

“Arc” by KevHaworthPhotography

“V8″ by Hezekiah

“Parked” by brandonchapman

“Harbour Crane” by PlanetPenwith

“Gayundah Ship Wreck” by Paul_Sparrow

“Rusted Lock” by mloiz

“Junk Trunks 3″ by JosephClark

“Tractor Sunrise 303113″ by IanDMcGregor

“Graveyard” by GafapastaPhotography

“Slow passage of time” by jamesrushforth

“Rusty Wheel” by Thuan

“the old bug” by SPICTURES

“Rust Bucket” by chrisdoman_3429

“Rusty Relic” by elliecaputo

“Busted Shack In The Country” by PaulMurphy

“DSC_4162aa” by rpecot

“Implementations of Color” by RandiLIves

“untitled” by dalemisuraca

“Schoolbus heaven” by annvanderlaanadema

“Rusty Bike” by donniefitz2

“Stranded” by kelleybrower

“International Milky Way” by aaronjgroen