Photographers Wanted: Photo Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing photographers taking photos in this photo contest in collaboration with olloclip.  A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Casey McCallister for his collaboration as a guest judge. Casey McCallister is a self-taught outdoor lifestyle photographer and adventurer based in Northern California. His photography is both documentary and artistic. He captures adventures as they happen, the stages on which them play out and the moments in between.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Mastering manual” by lisanicole

“This photo has it all. The child evokes emotion. I can clearly see the subject that she is photographing which is enhanced even more subconscious leading lines of the camera. The post-processing is excellent – not too much, with the two pops of color drawing my eyes to the subjects.” – Casey McCallister

Lela Kieler
Runner Up

“The key to a good black and white is contrast between key components and this shot does it really well. Composing the subjects against the white background was a great choice to show what this scene is all about.” – Casey McCallister

Congratulations Runner Up “Shark Photo Shoot” by TanyaHouppermans

“I love sharks, so I can’t say no to this image. It really gets my heart pumping to know what this photographer was thinking during this moment. I’m impressed with his composure to continue shooting instead of just staring in wonder. Compositionally, it’s great how the whole shark is in frame and the secondary fish provide great secondary subjects to fill the empty space.” – Casey McCallister

Congratulations Amateur Winner “Big Splash!” by JMenggolo

Congratulations People’s Choice “A shot at nature” by rosemarieedwards

“I love the depth in this scene. It seems to be captured with a zoom lens which does a great job of compressing the photographer and subject into one. I went back and forth on whether I like the cropping of the photographers head, but settled on really enjoying it. I love how he fills the frame, leaving no space for my eyes to leave the scene. Great depth of field tops off a wonderful shot. ” – Casey McCallister

“Sunrise Shoot” by sureshdslr

“Landscape Backstage” by evgenyvasenev

“untitled” by minori

“Peekaboo” by MissionMan

“Photographing an owl” by Davehook

“Fleeing the Ocean” by NaturallyMitchRothman

“Love Photography” by sysaworld

“Little Apprentice” by anjiecriss

“dawn photography” by ktsirnick

“Shooting the Polouse” by larryrogers

“my home ,,, my ” by paisinis

“Palm tree” by KaroKrauzPhotography

“3 Different Views” by JulianneBradford

“self portrait” by Kcable

“He looked bigger in camera” by mgirard

“Day’s End Photo Shoot” by diversionphotography

“Grand Falls photog cloudy” by blairwacha

“The Watcher” by wnourse

“Shooting Up A Creek” by kevinsawyerphotography

“She is me” by jenniferdemo

“Photographer at sunset” by Cherylnestico

“A Photographers Dance” by Avalon

“Line Up” by valentinecyn

“Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia” by redwriter

“Dropping in on My Photo” by LornaSmithPhotography

“Lake Captures” by travisdaldy

“Stebel-Michael by Beth” by michaelstebel

“Photo Bombed” by MBatchellor

“This is my Canon, there are many like it, but this one is mine!” by GrahamF

“”Am I in the way? I have to get the shot!”” by shannon_alicki_creative

“Old School Canon Selfie” by Meghanshaw

“The View Finder” by sudiptajin

“Photographer In The Making” by ElenaParaskeva

“Photographing loons in the fog” by JimCumming

“Hello Milky Way my old friend!” by NickVenton

“Waiting for the lght” by francescorusso

“Capturing details.” by RobH

“Sunrise Silhouette over the Canyonlands on top of Mesa Arch” by brentmorris

“The Long Wait ” by derricksniderimagery

“At the Waterfall ” by Structor

“One With Nature” by larrymarshall

“Rubia Stringsi” by ronaldcools

“Shooting Springtime” by lensvoodoo

“Aim, FIRE!!!” by jonnywilliams

“Photographer in John Muir Wilderness” by chrisgiordano

“Stormy sunrise” by stephenpretty

“Shooting Birds and Waves” by KKGivens

“On The Horizon” by fineartphotography

“On the Edge” by warrenstowell

Denis Lomme
Annette Daviau
Keow Loong
Shell Speare
Wayne Williams
Cathy Withers-Clarke

Gorgeous Ceilings Photo Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing gorgeous ceilings in this photo contest with chances to win a GoPro Hero3 Camera and more. The HERO3: White Edition.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Nicholas Goodden for his collaboration as a guest judge. Nicholas Goodden aka Nico is an award winning urban photographer who focuses on London from street photography to urban landscapes. An official Olympus ambassador, his work has been published in magazines, websites and advertising campaigns and is gaining recognition in the capital.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Heavens Above” by chrisdemarest

“This is a clear winner. Most contestants have gone for dead centered shots, but this unusual composition pays off by standing out. It’s hard when judging this sort of contest to know if you are judging the photography technique or simply the beauty of the ceiling itself. In this case I believe the choice in the composition make it a winning stand-out shot.” – Nicholas Goodden

Congratulations Runner Up “Glass ceiling in the Palau de la Música, Barcelona” by linseybuttler

“I love how Linsey has opted for a close-up which perfectly suits this ceiling. The effect is a kaleidoscope of colours and lines bordering on abstraction.” – Nicholas Goodden

Congratulations Runner Up “Converging Overhead” by ClaudiaKuhn

“Claudia has gone for modern architecture which really stands out from everyone else’s choice of mostly churches. When for churches black and white would not be a good choice, this particular shot works, simple lines suit black and white. The resulting shot is minimalist.” – Nicholas Goodden

Congratulations People’s Choice “Basilica Superga Torino” by adrianurse

“Gaeity Theatre from the stage” by babbphotography

“Low view” by FelmeyPhotography

“Surrounded by triumphs” by peppetorre

“Light me up!” by CarloMarrasPhotography

“Capital Dome 2″ by daveclark_7054

“IMG_0005 (2)” by evapollick

“Mosta Dome Malta” by Del_Ongley

“Kansas Capitol rotunda” by Bob5253

“In Atrium” by hkphotography

“Opera Garnier ballroom” by beckykempf

“Vatican ” by Photozackman

“STRUCTURE” by JanWalline

“The dome at the Erawan Museum” by rhino886

“Church Ceiling” by mariandragiev

“DSC_2352B” by giancarlomontico

“Russel Cotes Art Galler and Museum HDR” by guywood

“Sainte-Chapelle in Paris” by kdurlen

“Bharat Mistry-St Anne de Beaupre Details” by Q-Vision

“Ravena, Italy – San Vitale Mosaics” by BFinkelstein

“Italy0123″ by Photogal_81

“ARC-DE-TRIOMPHE-Roof1″ by sivakumarkulandhaivel

“Wells Cathedral” by quentinrobertson

“Ely Cathedral Ceiling” by peterdayton

“look up” by lisaselz

“basilica6″ by islandbug

“Ceiling” by Gioflalu

“Louvre rooftop from inside” by mgrisoli

“Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal” by brandonoh

“untitled” by Gurley

“Abstract dome” by cghalford

“Melk Cathedral” by rodhawk12

“Heaven in Color” by bitterer

“round room” by char3105

“Domes of Sheikh Zayed” by lensvoodoo

“Milano” by zenit

“St Isaak’s, St Petersburg” by Robert222

“A Lafayette Christmas” by LarryGreene

“Dómkirkjan Krists Konungs” by antoniozarli

“Elevation” by Henrik_Spranz

Meagan Brogan
Carl Doghuse
Ole Steffensen
Julie Ayers

800 Creative Portraits Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best creative portraits in this limited photo contest with chances to win a CarrySpeed FS-PRO camera strap & more. Stay tuned for the next limited photo contest coming soon…

A special thanks to all the photographers that voted for their favorite shots helping us find the following winner and some of the most popular submissions.

Congratulations People’s Choice “Katharina” by WPphotography

“The Lady of The Sea” by wenchejostad

“”I’ll make it through”” by LigaVitola

“Fairy Dust” by caitlynblake

“blossom-1″ by kathyallison

“Magical Sara Beara II” by nlhammondphotography

“Spicy” by ardy-B

“Defenz Mechanizm” by mschiff

“The horn grows at midnite” by mzoom62

“Join the Band” by LexaLu

“You Can Heal My Heart” by KellyJPhotography

“Shades of gray” by carriechase

“Elliott & His Hen” by lisaholloway

“our kid” by stevejackson

“_MG_1014″ by adamkstagner

“the Octopus” by Joerg

“Snow Angel” by tylerrobertoxley

“Olinichenko Katerina_Gorgon girl in dungeon” by olenazaskochenko

“Two In One” by rbhalla

“Awakening” by Nishant-101

“Passions Fire” by Avalon

“Redhead with funny spectacles” by zenit

“Rose colored glasses” by tammyswarek

“The_Voyeur” by williamgeisler

“Glitter!” by shannon_alicki_creative

“Queen of Hearts” by skyelightphotography

“Poppy” by Boholm

“Masquerade” by lindywalker

Elena Paraskeva
Suzy Mead
Michael Young
Howard Ashton-Jones
James Brown

Funday Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing people having fun in this photo contest made possible by our friends at TheFolioApp. TheFolioApp creates next generation native iPhone/iPad/Android apps and websites for creative professionals so they can share their amazing work with the world in the best possible way on all platforms and devices. Don’t just settle for a website when you can also get your very own native iPhone/iPad and Android apps.

A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winners and some of the most popular shots in this photo contest by voting for their favorite submissions:

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Life Is A carnival! ” by liliaalvarado

Congratulations Runner Up “Color In Action” by sarahking

Congratulations Runner Up “blue-eyed wonder” by coughdrop

“smile” by mirakryvtsova

“Monsoon Splash” by aadnan

“Colorsplosion” by LeAbecedarian

“Bubble_Day” by Laaacaa

“caryn13″ by tonynyxcatastrophy

“Being A Kid” by javluc

“DSC_3153″ by kodyturner

“_DSC0962″ by jasonreilly

“Fall Frenzy” by emilytempestilli

“Joy” by toppavak

“Jump around!” by emmyzettergren

“going fishing…” by journeyer50

“Memorial Day Fun” by AgaPhoto

“Night Time Glow2″ by Mcbeek

“Out there” by saltbushbill

“Mr. Bojangles” by tricialynntomasky

“Bubbles and Bucket” by diabarocsi

“untitled” by PHOTOHAPPY

“Girl with balloons” by kateluber

“Palace Princess” by MikeW

“Cheers” by HelenRea

“sam sam” by nikolinamimidujmovi

“dsc_8287b&w” by Squishy21

“Pumpkin picking with Dad” by HamptonPhotography

“Trance” by lensvoodoo

“Paint” by LMImages

“People say its the food that makes them sick” by Leon213

“DSC_0181 (Edit)” by jackiepoopface

“Defying Gravity” by kathykuhn100

“David” by annalisaaa

“Ride in the sunset” by calebsadler

Alyson Lewis
Aatish Shinde
Christine Bezanson
Lela Kieler
Joe Ehlen