Photographer Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 4 Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos in the Photographer of the Month Vol 4 Photo Contest. Thank you for your continuing collaboration in helping us find the best images from all around the world. A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following finalists by voting for their favorite shots.

Congratulations to Grand Jury Winner “Milky Way Arc” by sergiovindas

“lake Bled” by zenit

“The Show of Nature” by francescorusso

“Winding Road” by Timm15

“Mont St-Michel et Voie lactée” by MichelJodoin

“Lower Lewis River Falls” by Capture1

“Waiting for Fall” by JessicaDrossin

“Elephant in the Dust in Amboseli” by pattebrownell

“Trolltunga” by marc-photographie

“Lonely Boathouse” by Notko

“Partners” by BRIN

“Borobudur bathed in gold” by dhien2

“The Column” by AJRingstrom

Natural Light Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos that show natural lighting on the subject in this photo contest made possible by the New York Institute of Photography. The New York Institute of Photography is the world’s largest online photography school, offering a unique combination of online education and personal mentoring for photographers of all ages and skill levels. Learn photography from anywhere in the world, anytime, and at your own pace. A special mention to all the photographers that voted for their favorite shots and helped us find the People’s Choice!

We appreciate the collaboration of friend & professional photographer, Celin Serbo, as the guest judge of this photo contest.

Travis Tendo
Grand Jury Winner

“This is such a solid example of creative use of natural light. rim lighting is often overlooked and this is executed perfectly. this image has so much mood and texture to it and it tells a story. it is composed and exposed very well. love it.” – Celin Serbo

Claudia Kuhn
Runner Up

“What a beautiful location. this image makes really nice use of non-direct ambient light. there is a lot of atmosphere in the image and i love the use of the slow shutter for the water blur. this is a tough exposure between the green foliage and the shadowed areas of the canyon but executed very well. I love the composition.” – Celin Serbo

Tim Kirwan
Runner Up

“This is a great shot. perfectly exposed with such richness and texture. the feathers in the wings provide such a lush backdrop that pulls you towards the face. a very well executed shot in gorgeous light.” – Celin Serbo

Max Fellermann
Runner Up

“Atmosphere rules the day here. so much mood, great composition, and layered depth. great use of the slow shutter for the blurred clouds as well. light like that is fleeting and this image captures it perfectly.” – Celin Serbo

Maja Top?agi?

“Sunrise Lake Superior” by lakevermilionphotos

“Camp” by robrichardson

“Looking Through Natures Window” by michellemckoy

Michael Ripley

“Point of view” by elenapardini

“DSC_0099″ by ivalazarova

“Panorama 4″ by DavidVogt

“Castelluccio di Norcia” by francescorusso

“DSC00673″ by marcinpabich

“Remember Me” by calliebeltowski

“Ready Jetty Go” by ShannonRogers1

“Let’s get froggy!” by thijscalu

“Mystical Paradise” by ShannonRogers1

“MPW_7665_66_67_68_69_70_tonemapped” by michaelwilson

Von Malabanan

“Sunset Shadows” by RichardReames

Congratulations to People’s Choice “Puppies” by ioanbalasanu

Creative Modeling Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most creative shots of models in this photo contest made possible by Model Management. is the world’s modeling community, leading the way internationally in connecting new faces (aspiring models) and professional models with reputable agencies, photographers, stylists and other industry clients. A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the People’s Choice by voting for their favorite shots and to friend & professional photographer Olav Folland for his collaboration as the guest judge.

“All the finalists offered up stellar works.  For pure photographic merit, I would have had an even harder time culling though them than I already have had.  So, I’m judging mostly on the basis of ‘creativity’, which is of course nebulous so I’m coming from someone that literally sees hundreds of photos every day, and am looking for the things that really make a photo stand out from not only each other, but what other photographers are doing.” – Olav Folland

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Hot Chocolate” by Capturedbytim

“I keep wanting to think that it’s “like this” or it’s “like that”  but it’s not.  The photo borrows from a lot of elements, but it brings things together in a very unique way.  The lines are superb, particularly along her legs, and that drip from her stomach – well, all the runs and lines for that matter –  is just a special touch.  Plus, I’m a sucker for high-key, which IMO isn’t done in modeling enough.” – Olav Folland

Congratulations Runner Up “Scintillant” by robbyticknor

“Underwater model photography is an uncommon genre, and to tell the truth I can only think of one name that does it exquisitely, and your shot is well on par with her work. Well done, indeed.” – Olav Folland

Congratulations Runner Up “A quick click and a curl” by Keane_Eye

“At first glance, I passed it off as a ‘classic’ but the more I look at it I start seeing subtle details like the curls, and the posture, and a few things I honestly can’t quite put my finger on that makes this something other than a retooling of late 50’s/early 60’s boudoir glamor.  Major kudos.” – Olav Folland

Congratulations Runner Up “Rhiannon” by ghwtog

“Heavy eye make-up has been done.  Glitter has been done.  Closeups, done.  But, you’ve tied everything together and shown how it should be done.  If I’d seen this when I judged “Orange” this would have been the winner, hands-down.  If I could pick two winners….” – Olav Folland

“Playing with light” by michaelkovler

“Kharu” by uyraffy

“Colour and I are one.” by wenchejostad

“Belle Âme” by laurenstanley

“Bem…” by robyreyes

“On the Ledge” by chaunguyen

“untitled” by kaliplacencia

“Matching Eyes” by adrianblair

“The Sicilian girl” by peppetorre

“Phoenix” by suzymead

“Deja_Bird-110-Edit” by joshuagaede

“Shimmer” by jeremyadambarton

“Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk” by Ezekiel11

“It’s Snowing!” by timlingley

“Red Splash” by ziaphotography

“C8W3874″ by enriqueguadiz

“Liberty” by tessleilani

“Idiosyncrasy.” by rosemaryvandelinde

“Julie” by bdreyer1

“DSC_0269″ by mirandaahearn

“lissa (1020 of 35)” by christophercupp

” Kate ” by spencerfrazier

“IMG_0647″ by gabbie_daylor_101

“DSC09055″ by marshakkeeney

“DSC_0419″ by deejayy

“D3S_1514-E” by DoyleHarrell

“max in the rain-Renee000_0749-Edit” by keithpersall

“Consume Me” by RachelTinePhotography

“Eyes” by damirmrkonji

“colors” by rafaelvera

“Carlie” by phillipfrench

“sexy vapor” by hayesnovich

“untitled” by carloexmundo

“jgphoto_ciana” by joshuagaede

Congratulations to People’s Choice “A part of my fantasies” by MortezaJ

300 Soldiers Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo showing soldiers in this limited photo contest. Soldiers protect nations and it is one of the toughest jobs out there which affects many families around the globe. The intention behind this contest is to show a gallery of soldiers in an artistic view with no violence. We can only hope for peace around the world!

Congratulations to People’s Choice “Long way from home” by grahamhebron

“On the Edge” by apriest10

“Less We Forget” by dwayfor

“Assault” by phillipfrench

“untitled” by wesrobbo55

“Guarding the Colors” by DC9legacy

“Make ice-not war” by HarrieMuis