Winter Vistas Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their amazing winter vistas photos to the photo contest. We have teamed up with our friends at Macphun to bring you a series of Outside Views Photo Contests. This is the first of six contests in the Outside Views Series. Each contest will have a unique theme based on outside views and will launch every month for the next six months.

A big thank you to guest judge Karen Hutton for her collaboration. Karen Hutton can best be described as a ‘multi-medialogist’. As a professional photographer, she is followed by close to 2 million followers on social media, sells her popular fine art landscape photos and teaches her unique style of photography. She excels at blending multiple disciplines, which includes being a professional voice over artist, host, speaker, writer and educator.

This is yet another incredible contest. Winter can be challenging to capture… not only braving the elements to do it, but managing the light in your exposure, with all the white and reflections of snow… but composition, distractions in the photo – are all magnified by winter’s starkness. Yet, every single photographer made such interesting choices and conveyed unique points of view! Those are among the top elements I look for in any photo. 

I think ViewBug turns out some of the finest photographers and images out there! Clearly, they’re doing something right with their communities and the support they offer. That, of course, makes judging painfully challenging!

There are NO slouches in the final group that I received… and competition for the top honors is unbelievably close. 

I’m glad we judges are given the opportunity to talk about how we arrived at our decision… because as a contestant, it can be mystifying as to which images do and don’t  place – and why. 

No matter what, judging is a subjective process. We judges do our best to be objective… but we can only do so through the lens of our life experiences. 

I’ve lived in the mountains for many years; I love and respect snowy winters. I’m also a lifelong photographer. Hopefully those things blend together to create a unique understanding of this glorious season – and what it takes to bring it to life through photography.

Here was my thinking in general: 

Before I saw a single image, I had these guidelines in mind for any prospective winners:

I was hoping to see a strong story/perspective element; this also addresses composition…

I wanted to see exposure/light handled extraordinarily well… (because I know how hard that is… and how it makes or breaks winter images) 

I looked for a unique perspective, or voice… something not as commonly experienced in a winter photo. OR if it were an iconic type of image – it had to be incredibly masterful. 

And that word: “Experience”… the winning photos had to stop me in my tracks with an amazing experience when I laid eyes, mind and heart upon it. 

I know Viewbug artists… and I know that’s not asking for too much!

Here’s how it went down for “Winter Vistas’: 

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Yellowstone, The Lone Tree panoramic” by anitae403

“This one absolutely did stop me in my tracks. That was the first thing that tipped me off. I said “WOW” and felt my heart pause for a moment as I stared at it. That’s always my first indication… the experience an image delivers immediately. Then I start breaking it down;

The tones are amazing. Nothing over or under-exposed. Just a beautiful array of soft colors within a wonderful tonal range.
The tree is the perfect solo participant… and where it is placed is excellent.
The panoramic choice – exactly right for this story/composition.
The flow and shapes of the hills and clouds… you just can’t imagine it any other way.
The image is clean, devoid of distractions… every single element in it works and is meant. There is nothing in this photograph that doesn’t belong there, or that requires forgiving.

It is also iconic… I’ve seen many images of this general set up and type before, usually taken by master photographers. This means it will immediately draw a comparison to those stunners, and had best offer something unique. This image succeeds beautifully on all counts – and wins my admiration and Grand Jury award for all of it.” – Karen Hutton


Congratulations Runner Up “Insignificant” by vale_en

“This image grabbed me right away. It was the story – and the amazing elements it captured to convey what a moment like that feels like.
The feeling of being on a mountaintop above the clouds…
The sense that if you step off the edge – you’ll do so into what, air? Clouds? Will you fall – or float? The fact that I found myself wondering these questions spoke highly of the strength of this photograph. It doesn’t answer every question… it leaves possibilities to linger… and you to wonder.
The people. It would be a completely different image without them. People don’t always work in winter scenes… but they sure did in this one. The perspective they bring, showing scale… the pop of color, the clear sense of the “insignificance” of humans at what seems like the top of the world. I’ve stood in places just like this – and this is EXACTLY what it’s like… both the reality and the poetic representation of a place like this.
The light is gorgeous; and the colors and tones in this image work just right. They’re soft and delicate against the starkness of winter in the mountains. It becomes an interesting juxtaposition that also added to its overall impact. Subtle and unexpected. This photo made me return to it over and over again… and each time I saw something different. Another hallmark of a great photo. ” – Karen Hutton


Congratulations Runner Up “historic center “Freudenberg” by night” by Gravedigger

“This one surprised me. Surprises can be good, as it was in this case – since they get your attention right off the bat. 

Your image just has to then hold up to the post-surprise scrutiny, which this one did.

It was completely unique amongst the entries… and of course, not everyone has access to a town so beautiful at night as Freudenberg in winter.
The colors and light caught my eye first. Gold and blue are complementary colors – which makes for a wonderful experience of them in this scene. They are opposite each other on the color wheel… so when they sit side by side in an image, it lends a natural contrast and makes everything seem a bit more exciting and pleasing to the nervous system. A bit of color theory for you.
The way the buildings all look lit up from within is awesome! It’s an unusual effect… and the photographer found just the right location to show that perspective.
The town has a very definite vibe and historic style, which was captured wonderfully. Choosing to shoot it at blue hour in winter was a great choice.  It’s unique perspective, colors, subject matter, story, the wonderful “moment captured” all make this image a winner for me.” – Karen Hutton


Congratulations Amateur Winner “Misty River” by csirnak


Congratulations People’s Choice “Sunrise and Setting Moon at the Matterhorn” by delley

“Ice Fence” by CRamsay

“winter” by Eddy22

“Old Washoe Corral 3″ by tikidianne

“_DSC8378″ by brdcw

“Lonely Tree” by LiveInspiredByBrenda

“Sunrise over the falls” by fotohausmarko

“Sunset over the Frozen Arctic Ocean” by chefdrew

“WinterWonderLand” by valeriasig

“Hollow Rock” by lakevermilionphotos

“A Winter’s Morning IV” by IanDMcGregor

“SUNSET 27-03-2014″ by Dmitry

“First Snow” by timot78

“I rest here…” by HappyMelvin

“Fresh” by MargaretN

“Kussharo lake” by hibbz

“Spirit of christmas” by valeriasig

“Frosty Dawn” by Rhintl

“Inzago, Italy, under the snow” by berryss

“Winters Dream” by XanderVision

“untitled” by thomaszagler

“On Steep Ground” by TeddyMcCrea

“At the End of the World” by ulrichpeters

“Artistic earth” by bogdanvasilic

“Snow Ponies” by LMorck

“Morning Frost” by jaysiemens

“abandoned house” by finnurandrsson

“Golden Salvation” by Crispy_Scapes

“392” by lidijapolak

“_MG_1582 frosty scene along CVNT ps” by ghamer

“Mirror, Mirror” by kth1110

“smokewoods” by suspy

“Utopia” by Morgan-Lou

“Sliding Down Rideau Street – Mono” by BrianMDoucette

“Path for Neverland” by borisfrkovic

Waterfalls Photo Contest Winners

A big thanks to friend and professional photographer Benjamin C Ginsberg for his collaboration in this contest. Benjamin’s selections are awesome and his feedback is very helpfull to all of us! In 2013 Benjamin was honored as a finalist in the Red Bull Illume action and adventure sports photography competition, and his finalist image is currently touring the world as part of the Red Bull Illume Exhibition. In 2014 he was once again honored as a finalist in the Smithsonian Photo Contest, as well as profiled by National Geographic Adventure. His images have been published in local, internationally based, and internationally distributed magazines; numerous web campaigns; billboards; advertising mailers; and TV commercials. Some of his clients include: Surfing Magazine, Surfer Magazine,, National Geographic Adventure, and

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Dark Skogafoss” by pulaw89

“There’s an almost ethereal quality to this photograph. My mind’s eye is content to feel lost while being drawn into this landscape, stepping welcomingly onto the lighter gravel in the foreground, while being drawn towards the bright waterfall in the distance, in sharp contrast to the pervading darkness. Though the waterfall is centered in the image, the approach is not direct, and there is wonderful layering from foreground to subject. Just enough detail shows through the black vignetting along the image’s edges and shadowing along the cliff face to continually find added interest the longer I look. It’s like walking through a dreamscape.” – Benjamin C Ginsberg

Congratulations Runner Up “Serenity” by shaneegan

“The interplay of shadow and light is breathtaking. The sinuous curves not only draw you through the slot canyon to the waterfall and ladder, but also well beyond, with a multitude of stops along the way as the delicate light highlights the curves of the water-worn, sandstone canyon walls. The ramshackle, wooden ladder speaking to just a touch of man’s presence, yet the overpowering dominance of nature in this system, makes the image truly special.” – Benjamin C Ginsberg

Congratulations Runner Up “untitled” by wrightde

“Of all the techniques used to create this photograph, two above all others make it outstanding: Composition, and Shutter Speed. It undoubtedly took a skilled and knowledgeable hand to capture the contrasting details of the sky, the textures of the water, and to blend and lighten the rock and vegetation under the overhang. What’s truly amazing, when added to these other skills, is the composition looking out from behind the waterfall; how the rock wall curves and arches overhead on one side with the waterfall cascading just off center, leaving the opposite side open to the vibrant, partly cloudy sky; all creating a strong interplay of elements and focal points to draw the viewer through the image. Lastly, freezing the water instead of blurring it helps tell the story of the power and uneven, seemingly unpredictable movement of a large waterfall, complementing the temperament of this photograph.” – Benjamin C Ginsberg

Congratulations Runner Up “Ban Gioc Waterfall” by tongtranson

“The variety of textures and shades of green are beautifully balanced and well defined, all accented by the contrasting white of the falls, spreading in fingers throughout the entire middle ground. My eye is drawn through the sweeping arc of the falls layering back to the cliff, and to the mountain peaks beyond. I like to think you can find and create a beautiful image anywhere, but sometimes location is indeed paramount. Very few are lucky enough to have a view such as this in easy reach of home, so it makes it that much more special when it can be so eloquently captured and shared with the rest of the world.” – Benjamin C Ginsberg

Congratualtions People’s Choice “Haifoss” by bengreenphotography

Bun Lee

“Beautiful Berea Falls In Autumn” by Michael_Shake

“Ferns & Falls” by jamierichey

“Natural Dam” by larrymcmahon

“Cataract falls” by thomaszakowski

“Glade Grist Mill West Virginia” by Gemgirlwv

“Scaleber Force Falls” by frostii77

“scaleber cascades” by phillg

“Havasupi-1″ by dangindling


“Kuang Si Waterfall 3″ by garysanchez

“Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland” by brendanvanson

“The Cascade – Virginia Water Lake” by kelvintrundle

Aaron Groen

“Nant Mill” by garrykennedy

“Scaleber Force, near Settle, Yorkshire.” by alfmyers

“The Flow…” by Busoy17

“Autumn colours” by dixie

“Paradise Falls” by janstria

Rafael Uy

“Flowing” by Structor

Corin Dimopoulos
SteVan Baird

“somewhere over the rainbow” by stuarthingston

Steve Albano

“Scaleber Foss” by neilporter

“Kaaterskill Falls in the Winter” by danfish

“Palouse Falls at Dusk” by svetlana56

“Hunts Creek Falls – North Rocks” by xXMartinXx

“A Glimpse Of Rainbows” by valeriasig

“DSC_0263.MillomeriWaterfall” by sotospanteli_2368

“Grand Falls” by tassanee

“The Forest of the Fairies” by leireunzueta

“Horseshoe Falls” by GraphicalNature

“Waterfalls – Roarking fork, Smoky mountain national park, TN-1″ by ksundaram

“Living Dead” by damoblack

“Serenity” by ElenaParaskeva

“waterfall” by lianeguerinbolles

“DSC_3113″ by ckautzer


Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing waterfalls in this photo contest made possible by our friends at MyPublisher. MyPublisher is the leader in the photo book industry, offering top-quality photo books and premium photo albums at competitive prices.

Foto Digital Volume 2 Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing your best abilities as a photographer in this photo contest made possible by our friends at FOTOdigital Magazine. FOTOdigital is a photography website and magazine founded by writer and photographer Jose Antunes, under the motto “Less Gear, More Fun”. The original name was for a printed photography magazine, in Portuguese, published from 2001 until 2009.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Jose Antunes for his collaboration as a guest judge. Jose Antunes is a freelance writer and photographer based in Portugal. Besides writing about the technical and creative aspects of photography and video for various online publications.

Grand Jury Winner

 “This is a mix of luck and knowing how to frame. This sky is so gorgeous no words are needed to describe it. In fact, no words can. The framing just makes everything fall in place, and shows us the power of an imaginary creature that could be hidden between the clouds. I almost can see a dragon flying there. It’s my choice as the winner, both because I love to photograph clouds and because I wish I could have taken this. Or at least be there to see it. Great moment with nature and a sign that bad weather can be your friend.” – Jose Antunes

Congratulations Runner Up “Hastings” by MikeW

 “I am tired of all those photographs by the sea, with silky waters due to long exposure, but this one is different. I like the pier – and in that sense this is a document, go and read more on the author’s ViewBug page – and the fact that there is a human figure close by, framed so as to create an imbalance to the whole image. The fisherman looking opposite to the direction the leading lines of the pier makes you return back inside the image, and then it all starts again. Nice colours, nice clouds (I like them and the way they seem to create another direction of movement within the frame, look at their shape), nice framing and an human element. Good picture.” – Jose Antunes

Congratulations Runner Up “charming Riomaggiore” by marrieladurandegui

 “I like the framing, the colours, the clouds (clouds, again!). And I like the fact that this image made me visit the author’s website, where there are more examples of this kind of work, amongst other stuff. I liked these landscapes. I am torn when I look at the plant on the right side of the frame. On one hand I would probably like to not have it there, but I understand that photographers are not painters and we’ve to live with what is there, and sometimes there is no way around. On the other hand, I kind of like the obstacle the plant creates, with its odd shape that breaks the continuity between the rock and the buildings.” – Jose Antunes

Congratulations Runner Up “Photographer at Moraine Lake” by tiffanywuest

 “A photographer shooting Moraine Lake at sunrise. I could not resist this one, simply because it talks much about the loneliness of photographing. You may be with others, but being able to be alone with your own thoughts when photographing is the best way – from my point of view – to get YOUR photographs. This picture represents that. Although it shows that there were at least two persons present, it shows us how lonely a photographer can be when faced with such a magnificent landscape. This is one image that not only talks about technique in terms of framing, it works as a memory of a moment in time. And that’s, for me, the best thing a photograph can give to people, both those depicted and those that see it and wish they were at the same spot.” – Jose Antunes

Tracy Munson
Todd Lambert
Venerable Stan

“Barn owl out hunting” by hibbz

Wendy J

“_1GP3323-2″ by cedricquillet

“u n d e r g l o w 9881″ by philipesterle

“Jasmine” by WPphotography

“Gazebo” by westendpics

“The way to the universe” by sergiovindas

“Crescendo” by FromTheHighCountry

“”Shake it Off”” by Athena_B

“Fog through the forest” by filiperemita

“Wrawby Windmill” by Bob-Riach

“IMG_9508-2″ by maikelramthun

“The Creepy Tree #4″ by AJRingstrom

“Blue” by PeterLombard

“waiting” by RJHPhoto

“Precarious” by SarahJanePhotography

Insects and Flowers Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing insects on plants or flowers in this limited photo contest. Stay tuned for the next limited contest and make sure to submit your best shot in accordance with the contest’s theme.

A special thanks to all the photographers that voted for their favorite shots helping us find the following winners:

Congratulations People’s Choice “Cuckoo Bee” by brettforsyth

“The Old World Swallowtail” by PdR72

“Old Blue-Eyes” by dawshj2042

“Yellow Bug” by Joerg

“Red&Black” by Bzox

“Fresh Nectar” by Bzox

“Grasshopper On Thistle Flower” by danny42

“Turn Back!” by garysanchez

“Good morning” by Ulisse

“Western Swallowtail on Thistle” by allen

“DSC_6492-Edit-Edit” by cejoos

“Hornet” by robbyticknor

“catepillar-1″ by CharlesB-

“Bumble Bee” by brettforsyth

“Fly” by BrantLavery

“Resting” by BrianaK

“Small” by JennyLoren

“microworldpic-1-5″ by jonreynolds

“The Regal Swallowtail” by texasshooter