Fstoppers Volume 4 Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their amazing photos in this contest. We are so impressed with the quality and the technique behind each entry. A big thank you to Fstoppers for their collaboration in the photo contest and to all the collaborators who submitted their votes.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Another View of Cuttalossa” by wtlphoto

Congratulations Runner Up “living room” by michabeckers

Congratulations Runner Up “A perfect moment” by BobBetts

Congratulations Runner Up “Into the Blue..” by dragonfly-oli

“The Bullzini Family” by joe-clarke

“Jökulsarlón Glacier Lagoon” by hannahjor

“Sunset and clouds” by kimschou

“9-3-2014 #1″ by mkrof72

“Patience” by alysonbrimecombe

“_MG_6637″ by mehmetKOZAL

“Asters” by michellewermuth

“Trapped in the valleys” by saintek

“A Fistful of Kits” by petergreig

“Phantom Rocks” by ohnitsoga

“Uphill” by JorgeFigueroa

“A Misty Departure” by stuartclark

“SMOKE CHECK” by wallineje123

“Arriving in Spring” by aaronchoiphoto

“The ‘Lone Tree’ Lake Wanaka, New Zealand” by davidcox_211

“Huerfano” by jeffniederstadt

“randomphoto / Stefan” by samuelglassar

“Last Light” by YuliyVasilev

“I’m On My Way” by chokysinam

“Knockout” by maximilian_eheim

“Mysterious pathway to nowhere” by MissionMan

“Twin Tales” by Camwattsphoto

“untitled” by JoannaPicturesThis

“Mind the Birds” by chrisrivera

“Fall” by BRIN

Strangers In The City Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing strangers in the city and to all the photographers that helped us find the People’s Choice by voting for their favorite shots! A city can be a melting pot of individuals sharing space and cultures while exchanging looks of interest and curiosity, be sure to browse the amazing selection within this photo contest gallery and get inspired for your next stroll in the city with your camera in hand!

A special mention to our friends at BETAShell for making this photo contest possible: design our protective cases as professional tools for photographers, travelers, and adventurers alike. Thanks to friend and professional photographer Nicholas Goodden for his collaboration as  a guest judge. Nicholas Goodden aka Nico is an award winning urban photographer who focuses on London from street photography to urban landscapes. An official Olympus ambassador, his work has been published in magazines, websites and advertising campaigns and is gaining recognition in the capital with already 4 exhibitions this year including 2 solo shows.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Alone” by inge_vautrin

“Excellent, simple yet effective photo with real emotion and feelings coming out. The proof that often less is more. I doubt this has had any manipulation, no major one anyway. If you look at other black and whites in this selection, many have gone way over the top in post processing (halos around people…overdone HDR type photo..). I just love the strong contrast and subject perfectly lit.” – Nicholas Goodden

Congratulations Runner Up “Crossing” by olyfa

“I love the unusual angle and the yellow stripes making it almost resemble a bar code. There’s an abundance of lines but they all work together very well. It’s very organised, unusual for a typical urban scene.
This was almost the chosen winner and a very close call with “Alone”.” – Nicholas Goodden

Congratulations Runner “Phone Booth” by Boholm

“Excellent light, contrast and tones giving it a cool and mysterious feel. This is the kind of photo which leaves you thinking, trying to imagine what’s the story behind it. ” – Nicholas Goodden

Congratulations Runner Up “Girl in Tokyo Subway Station” by Eduardbetz

“There is no mistake this photo was shot in Tokyo. Great converging lines, use of motion blur yet managing to get the person pin sharp. The orange and yellows work very well together and the subject is well chosen.” – Nicholas Goodden

“A snowy Albert Embankment” by bazzaboy09

“Harmonica Player” by kathymuhle

“Lady in red…” by frankbalzan

“Homeless Duo In Argentina” by kdm222

“Keeping in Touch” by alfmyers

“runaways just keep on running copyreworked” by lucydaleallen

“Street Life” by LarryGreene

“a couples rainy walk” by mogieg123

“Trickin'” by ronmckitrick

“Daily Subway” by An-D

“Central Park, all dressed in white” by Dfreid

“Spleen” by teodorasarbinska

“The Writer 2″ by HelenRea

“Sleep and wait” by duredhel

“A face in Asheville” by wonderwoman627

“untitled” by natalieord

“Lonely Autumn” by Tomek

“Alone” by DigitalRembrandt

“Waiting on a train….” by nicholetomjanovichquinn

“Street: Guiding Light” by daveortiz

“Alone Man” by bahadruslu

“Buddy, Could You Spare Some Change” by gldosa

Congratulations to People’s Choice “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT” by joannegraham

Monthly Pro Vol 4 Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots in the 4th volume of the Monthly Pro Photo Contest. If your membership is under a Pro status, be sure to join this contest, if you are not a Pro, consider upgrading and get access to the Pro benefits including access to the Pro photo contests. A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winners by voting for their favorite shots!

Congratulations to Grand Jury Winner “Diet Coke?” by garysanchez

“Hello sunshine” by brandinichols

“Chin-wag, tail-wag (1 of 1)” by LornaSmithPhotography

“Yes! I’m looking at you” by PhotoKyn

“Thoughts” by JulianGwilson

“Flaming Descent” by jeffbunn

“Lighthouse” by danielleminer

“The Illest Villains, Lancaster” by jpcastonguay

“untitled” by jasongerard

“Ngorongoro Cubs” by daveweber

“The Longing” by supermapoo

300 Empty Roads Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo showing empty streets or roads. Always be careful when shooting on roads as having full concentration on the viewfinder can make us forget about the dangers of the road. The gallery within this photo contest is an incredible example of the contrast between the stress created in traffic versus the peaceful feeling of an empty road. Be sure to browse all the amazing photos in this collection and get ideas for your next road trip. A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the People’s Choice by voting for their favorite shots!

Congratulations to People’s Choice “Destiny Unknown” by AndreTroyer

“Autumn’s calling” by ABean

“Foggy road” by andrewwilliams

“Country Rainbow:-)” by sharischultzmccollough

“Early Morning at Bandipur” by vyerramalli

“The Long Road” by PhotoWorks

“cherry lane” by stevejackson

“Roads” by AeroGrafica

“FoggyMorning” by jmhillphoto

“Endless Road” by nicholas_elwell

“The winding road” by martinsmolak

“Vanishing Point” by raytseng