Dream Locations Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the interpretations of “Dream Locations”. A big thank you to the contest guest judge is Anthony Moore“I’m a self taught photographer so I find my inspiration in all forms of media including video. I think taking inspiration from other photographers and narrows the field of unique images. I enjoy reading and watching the national geographic magazines and shows. Almost every day I surf the web for new ideas and new images. Google+ is a great way to do this. I follow numerous photographers there, on twitter and through blogs. I read their stories and find out how they get the job done. If I see an image I like, I’ll try to duplicate it, but not for the picture…I do it to understand the technique and settings they use to get the result. Its this understanding that makes the relationship with my camera, intimate.”

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner  “Flowing” by Structor

“A great image that really feels like a dream. The sky and the water are composed well and make the body of the image but its the solitude figure that makes this image a dreamy image. In saying that I do think the distortion of the man could be corrected, it looks like he is falling to the left. The man completes this image and fills the role of the chaser in the dream. Congrats on this, well done.” – Anthony Moore

Congratulations Runner Up “Inside the Falls” by danfish

“This is a great location and image. The composition and colour is good. The sky is slightly overexposed but forgivable considering you wanted the light in the cave. I can’t help but wonder what would the image have looked like if the sun had just dipped behind the tree line. None the less its a great image.” – Anthony Moore

Congratulations Runner Up “It could not spand against the implacable dragons” by albertoghizzipanizza

“This image encapsulates the dream world of castles, knights and dragons. A great composition with the path and the cliffs but the horizon isn’t quite level and flips up on the right.” – Anthony Moore

“unset, Saxon Switzerland, Germany” by janstria

“L O N E S O M E . . .” by ralphjcbellaphotography

“lighthouse night” by kammccallister

“Ban makam hdr.jpg” by richardtenbrinke

“Badlands Milky Way Pinnacles Overlook” by aaronjgroen

“IMG_7111″ by LukaszLisiecki

“Ionic Rundle” by chuckymite

“Taubensee” by Notko

“autumn” by Bolucevschi

“DSC01527″ by mattghazawy

“Palouse Falls State Park – Washington” by joelk1983

“Morning Light” by RolandTaylor2

“Niagara Winter Night” by hasanmahmudtipu

“Lake Coeur d’Alene Idaho Sunset” by b2bjacks

“Peaceful Reflection” by kbkpics

“Jökulsárlòn” by ryanheck

“Falling Water” by mattcrowell

“Trillium Sunrise HDR” by adrianblair

“Gold” by YuliyVasilev

“moonlighting” by voltaire

“Dawn at Woodlands” by Vimukthi-EDGE

“Spirit Island” by Davehook

” Boating around the illuminated blooming Cherry trees..” by Shubhashish

“Yellowstone, The Lone Tree panoramic” by anitae403

“the green bridge of wales” by kreinr

“Morning train” by teruoaraya

“Grand Teton National Park” by bryant65

“On the Docks” by alissaspieces

Congratulations People’s Choice  “Sunrise over South Pointe Jetty” by davidharris518

Tree Trunks Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their beautiful photos showing tree trunks. A big thank you to WoodSnap for their collaboration and for providing the awesome prizes for the winners. Another big thank you to the WoodSnap founders for helping us judge this contest. In October of 2010, Ricky Anderson approached Mike Lastrina with the idea of utilizing our combined printing skills and create a company that produced custom wood wall art. We wanted to create a new medium to capture a person’s most cherished memories, as well as form a company where people genuinely love what they do. We sat down over beers and tacos and came up with a fleshed out concept and the perfect name: “WoodSnap”.

Taylor Sloan
Grand Jury Winner
Deb Cochrane
Runner Up
Chris Moyer
Runner Up
Runner Up
Deb Cochrane
Deon Hamilton
Fred Gramoso
Warren Stowell
Noel Greene
James Holland
Russell Stafford
Dianne Phelps
DB Imagery
James Samanen
Simon Marlow
Giel Swiegers Swiegers
Vimukthi Wanigarathna
Lauren Myers
Jeffrey Day
Brian Catania
Robert Moutal
Josh Lipp
Howard Brown
People's Choice

Waves Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their  best photos showing waves for a chance to win a Triggertrap and more amazing prizes. A big thank you to Ed Heaton for his collaboration as a guest judge. Ed is an award-winning, internationally published professional photographer/educator. Along with being a Tamron “Image Master”, he’s been hailed by Outdoor Photographer Magazine as a “Landscape Master”. With his extensive knowledge of composition, light and technique, he is able to create extraordinary depth in his images exhibiting the mastery level of his artisanship.

Congratulations to the Grand Jury Winner “last wave before diner” by CJPhoto

“Technically strong image with the wave framing the sunset. Excellent image compositionally speaking. I know this is tough but I would like to have the foreground in this image a little sharper.” – Ed Heaton

Congratulations Runner Up “Backwash in Rio” by adamduffy

“I love the contrast and sharpness of this image along with the compositional elements of shapes. The cool and warm colors truly compliment each other. I wish the very top left of the cliff had been left out.” – Ed Heaton

“Laguna’s Liquid Dawn” by larrybeard

“Wave of Emotion” by GlenMorgan

“wel” by willsouw

Passion” by thurstonphoto

Tidal Abstract” by tra rader

Winter Wave” by Demons

Surf” by RAPJones

In the glow” by GeraldineLefoe

Surfer” by KanaPhotography

The Cave” by KanaPhotography

wave on beach” by danny42

Seaham lighthouse and harbour being battered by the North Sea” by StuartWright

Blue Portal” by thurstonphoto

hcAzY58y37″ by fransands

Bicheno Blowhole at Sunrise” by julienjohnston

Central Beach” by zachyeamans

Shore break” by manny212

image” by Chillmimi

DSC09171 California Dreamin” by colleenrenshaw

Coalcliff” by wolongshan

Slow shutter wave” by harryyoungimages

bondi wave” by monochromedrainbow

Ocean embraces land” by HawaiiHans

The Wave” by debcoimages

ocean force” by susanneradke

Morning peaks” by zachparkerimages

Liquidised-01″ by SurfLove

Cape Dissapointment Lighthouse” by donanzinger

Splash” by danielleminer

Gnarloo Swell” by paulwelch


Congratulations People’s Choice slow it down” by littler

Earth Day Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos in the Earth Day Photo Contest, a great way to celebrate earth’s beauty through photography. A big thank you to guest judge Etienne Bossot. Seven years, countless S.E Asia photography tours and over 4,000 successful students ago, Etienne Bossot set up his camera in Hoi An, Central Vietnam and like many artists before him was seduced by the unique clarity of light, romanic scenery and charismatic characters and their customs. The SE Asia Photography Tours were born of a combination of Etienne’s passion to discover ways of studying authentic populations in their living environment, his wealth of local knowledge and his uncompromising integrity.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Death Tree” by ChrisVanLoan

“The simplicity and well execution of this photo is simply mind blowing. The alignment with the tree and milky way shows some good preparation to the photo, and the details in the sky shows a very good execution”- Etienne Bossot

Congratulations Runner Up “The Wave” by Lina1

“The power of these lines is just mesmerizing, leading from beginning to the end of the image. The colors are very complementary together and increase the harmony of the picture. “- Etienne Bossot

Congratulations Runner Up “Sunset Grand” by CraigBill


“I am a big fan of well done panoramas, and this is one of them. The stunning colors of the Grand Canyon are almost melting into the colors of the sky at sunset. This very raw landscape is enhanced by the use of the dead tree in the foreground: a massive and old land. “- Etienne Bossot

“Remember to Breathe” by Crayok

“Somersby waterfalls NSW Australia” by rodshop7

“VIEW FROM FALSE KIVA” by lannywagner

“The Lonely Leaf” by kevinsawyerphotography

“Lightening strike” by darleneneisess

“Mt Jefferson” by boberic

“IMG_9825_6_7_8_9_tonemapped-5″ by michellemckoy

“Three Lights” by andrewwilliams

“Harbour View” by RikG

“Full moon over Mt. Rainier” by brentmorris

“Sunset 78″ by JosephClark

“West cost delight” by manuelmartel

“Ricketts Glen_16″ by William_Doyle

“Tahoe A Glow” by Abeblair

“image” by carpediem

“Silver Falls State Park” by chipbhi

“Silver Falls” by andrewwilliams

“Grovey” by GregGibbPhotography

“Toroweap (Sunset)” by Sierralara

“Fly Geyser at Dusk” by matttheilen

“The Falls copy” by Dan_Kinghorn

“Halong Bay_60 12×8″ by urbankarma

“The Seasons of the Forest Panoramic” by ceridjones

“Lake Wanaka Aurora” by juliebowser

“Cypress trees” by inka

“Cathedral Rocks II” by wolongshan

Congratulations People’s Choice “Sunburst” by Sidney