The Joy of Holidays Portrait Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best holiday-inspired portraits in this photo contest made possible by our friends at Joy of Marketing. At Joy of Marketing, their goal is to get small business owners to think big. (Yes, even on a shoestring budget.) From free online events to focused online courses, you’ll find the marketing education you need to grow your business, build your brand, and launch creative campaigns that get away from the “price cut” and cut to the heart of what really matters: building customer relationships.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Sarah Petty for her collaboration as a guest judge. Sarah is a highly-acclaimed marketing speaker, best-selling marketing author of Worth Every Penny: Build a Business that Thrills Your Customers and Still Charge What You’re Worth, MBA and boutique marketing expert who has inspired thousands of boutique business owners to use beautiful marketing to take their business to the next level.

Kristy Moore Oaks
Grand Jury Winner

“Beautiful, joyful and magical.  Exactly how you remember Christmas as a child.  Love the pseudo documentary feel of the image!” – Erin Verbeck

Congratulations Amateur Photo Contest Winner “Taste Test” by lanatolle

Congratulations People’s Choice “Delighted Baby” by aardvarksrule

Dee McIntosh

“Mesmerized” by MystikRealityPhotography


“I’ve been a good girl Santa” by CharlieBurgioPh

“”Miss Scarlett”” by LynnsPhoto

“Magical Sara Beara” by nlhammondphotography

“PEEK-A-BOO” by vsidles

“Boy Christmas I” by IanDMcGregor

R Jay Prusik
Elena Paraskeva
Amanda Dodson
Suzy Mead
Alberto Rojas

The Gratitude Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photo that showcases what you they’re thankful for in this photo contest made possible by our friends Tamara Lackey and Nations Photo Lab. Tamara is a renowned professional photographer, speaker, author and program host. Her work has been featured in a myriad of media outlets, including The Oprah Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Town & Country, Vogue, Food & Wine, Men’s Journal, Nikon World. Nations Photo Lab is a leading source for premium photofinishing products and services. The wait is over, here are the top selections:

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Arlington in the Fall” by LindbloomPhoto

“This striking photo stands alone as a strong image, but it is truly elevated to the level of Grand Jury Winner with the theme of Gratitude. There are so many levels of meaning to this, and the scope and feel of the composition only better showcase the depth of gratitude at play. The lovely fall colors and the natural framing of the tree, almost a protective cover, brings the overall photographer together beautifully.” – Tamara Lackey

Congratulations runner Up “ShastaCamping” by justinritucci

“The contrast of colors and lighting combined with overall mood add up to an image that truly brings you into a welcoming scene. Strong skyscape – would be interested to see how the edges of the frame of this image work in print, as a bit more detail in the left side of the frame could be helpful. But, overall, a wonderful image and fits quite well with the overall theme.” – Tamara Lackey

Congratulations Runner Up “Remember to Breathe” by Crayok

“This strong center composition in this photograph works very well, giving you a first person account of exactly how it would feel to be out on that glassy water, moving towards those peaceful-looking mountains. Great reflections on the water and strong control over tricky shadow detail.” – Tamara Lackey

Congratulations Runner Up “Sunset in Valensole” by paolobubu

“Powerful use of color and showcase of color shifts in the sky. I’m not sure if this image would not have benefited from a tighter crop on the bottom, maybe starting at the base of the flowers instead of at the dirt – but what an incredible view and a very wise choice of angle. Beautiful photograph.” – Tamara Lackey

Congratulations Amateur Photo Contest Winner “Gratitude3″ by melaniebyrdkerr

Congratulations People’s Choice “Dedicated” by adamsb5

“Gold” by YuliyVasilev

“Angel In Wonderland” by Joshua_N_Lopez

“Skogafoss Waterfall” by irinelcirlanaru

Gary Cummins
Amber Dopita

“Another World” by lorenzodicandia

“Skyline Under: After Dark” by MikeCeglady

“Ghost Forest” by Celtic

“Best friends” by FatimaH

“untitled” by dikkysoesin

“Forever” by Captus

“Lost In Your Gaze” by RedMareBewarePhotography

“Lake Louise Canoe” by brendanvanson

“Into the Light” by lisaguhl

Colin Stewart

“Florida Sunrise” by Diggi

“sisters” by vbheatherkeever228836

“The Photographer” by ronaldcools

“Hwange Sunset Elephants at Waterhole-3″ by Pegertler

“Gratitude & Grace” by Audrey Jennings

“Family Farming” by vbheatherkeever228836

“mistery” by viorel87

“Inside the Falls” by danfish

“Apollo” by DebMinnard

“San Sebastian de la Gomera” by HarrieMuis

“Pass the Torch” by dwayfor

SteVan Baird

Adore Noir Volume 4 Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos in this black and white photo contest made possible by our friends at Adore Noir. Adore Noir is a PDF based fine art photography magazine which celebrates works in black and white. Each bimonthly issue features six photographers ranging from world renowned professionals to those just starting out. A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winners by voting for their favorite shots!

Congratulations People’s Choice “Kirkjufell II” by uyraffy

“Runkerry Point” by richardmcaleese

“Dark Skogafoss” by pulaw89

“Winter Trees, Lake Wendouree” by robertarmstrong_2615

“Piano” by Alannixon

“Cheetah Pose” by garycox1

“Melting glacier” by Icenine

“B&W Girafe” by martinclement

“Dripping” by michellewermuth

“I Spy” by mpachis

“Nidelven Piers” by KnutAageDahl

“Gharial” by NMcQueen

“Cow” by justinsmith

“Up & Over” by jonnywilliams

“From dark to light” by q-liebin

“Steps” by radekgora

“pregnant horse in a cave” by monorob

“argentinian andes” by kirsitodd

“Fifeshire Rock” by SarahCaldwell

“LONELY MOUNTAIN” by jacobgeorgeingram-dodd

“Morning Mists” by ShadowmacPhotography

“Beehive Geyser and Awed.” by GregGibb

Covers Photo Contest Vol 15 Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos in this volume 15 of the Covers Photo Contest series. The gallery is one of the most outstanding collections we’ve had; this is a result of the participants submitting one of their favorite photos – we could not agree more with the participant’s opinions. All of these photos are amazing in their own way and be sure to browse the gallery to get inspired by a wide variety of true pieces of art. A special thanks to all the photographers that collaborated by voting for their favorite photos!

Congratulations People’s Choice “Antarctica” by corindimopoulos

“As Night Approaches” by ntgreen

“Valley View” by fronteras

“Monte Faro” by josegadea

“a little peck” by bridgephotography

“Glacier Park” by jeffkozlovich

“babcockstatepark3-1″ by jonreynolds

“Woods Bay Alligator” by bmfox

“Fall 2014″ by pauloperes

“Morning Fog” by crawfras

“Aberdeen beach” by ireid195

“The Falls” by dka626

“UMDLOTI BEACH, KZN, South Africa” by Alannixon

“Sunrise at Convict Lake Resort – Surreal” by vastdreamer

“windmill #2 Eastern Colorado” by johnnie2bad

“Stag” by TML777

“Camp” by robrichardson

“An Evening At The Wave” by jeremyjordan

“Rainbow_Tree” by Abeblair

“Ken Lockwood Gorge (2)” by micmac1007

“Reflection” by Stretton

“milky way over geneva” by okgood

“Alakol lake, Tien-Shan mountains” by hrachess

“Bolt 1″ by stratkd

“Room With A View” by scottmccook

“090526-1029 Romeria del Rocio” by willemkuijpers

“Sunrise at Point Arkwright” by capeyork

“The Golden Foliage” by Eddienguyen03