Under The Protection Photo Contest Finalists!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing natural shelters in this limited photo contest. We are very excited to see the amazing contributions in this contest and the feedback received through thousands and thousands of votes.

We are grateful for all the photographers that voted  for their favorite photos helping us find the following winners!

Congratulations People’s Choice “A Full House” by terryc

“Inside-Double-Arch” by phillip_brossette

“Natural cave in Apuglian coast” by zenit

“Mushrooms” by Zaeed

“under the mushroom” by geertweggen

“Baby Porcupine” by JimCumming

“flicker” by BonZeye

“Camouflage” by windycorduroy

“Sheltering her young from the rain.” by JDesjardins

“Beneath the canopy” by edwardkreis

“UNDER THE THATCH” by joannegraham

“The-Batcave” by phillip_brossette

“untitled” by jdmarks64

“Sleepy in the Sun” by HaliSowle

“Circle of Redwoods” by barbarabrock

“Foggy road” by andrewwilliams

“straight ahead” by scruffyherbert

“Hiding” by rmyers

“‘Barricaded… In Our Hands'” by mariaserrano

“Momma Shade” by franklinabbott

“another tree Arlington” by islandbug

“Refuge” by ElenaParaskeva

“Redwall Cavern” by JourneysInLight

“Three Amigos” by suzanewhitney

“Standing in the lens of the spectacle ” by Bob5253

“Icelandic Ice Cave” by sdondero

Concrete Jungle Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most amazing street photography in urban settings in this photo contest made possible by our friends at Panasonic Lumix. Today, a new generation of photographers share their work through print, social media, streaming video, mobile devices, PCs and TV.

A special thanks to friend and master photographer Giulio Sciorio for his collaboration as a guest judge. Giulio Sciorio is a commercial photographer who specializes in portraiture for new media. Lumix Luminary, photographer, educator and social media personality, Giulio’s vision is to demonstrate how embracing new technology can transform and enrich visual art in the age of screens.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “ant hill” by boni2012

“This is my top pick. To me this image represents a concrete jungle – a home for animals, packed into an artificial landscape. Not only do I feel this to be a strong representation I also love the color, processing and use of a tight crop. The elements of this image work well together causing me contrasting feelings of stress, claustrophobia and yet I want this image as a canvas print hanging on my wall. The term “ant-hill” describes this photograph perfectly.” – Giulio Sciorio

Congratulations Runner Up “São Paulo Bokeh” by charlesbrooks

“An endless cityscape embodies the idea of the concrete jungle to the extreme. The framing, tight crop and bokeh effect pulls me into the city. I feel if I were to turn around I’d realize that I’m in a sea of buildings. The warm tones tell me the day is coming to an end and in one of those buildings lost in the landscape are my friends waiting to meet up for drinks. I want to be in here.” – Giulio Sciorio

Congratulations People’s Choice “the concrete jungle” by keowweeloong

“Very graphic and aggressive. This image is striking, the subject with half his face covered tells me something dark is going on. Perhaps he’s a spy or just up to no good, it’s hard to say but fun to guess. I think what makes this image fun for me is that it’s illustrated style reminds me of a video game or perhaps movie poster. Good example of a photo illustration.” – Giulio Sciorio

“City” by vmsarath

“Hosier Street” by corymarshall

“SF from Portrero Hill” by ckautzer

“Gondolas Under the Bridge” by joelk1983

“Dramatic Shanghai” by oliviersy

“Dans ma rue” by mafe

“_DSC0077″ by TheoShilton

“DSC_0400″ by matthewhladek

“Sibley Street” by daveparker

“Run Away” by aflaskey

“On Track” by samsharper

“Express” by jasonMosko

“Miami sunset” by manny212

“Concrete Jungle bw-1″ by therighthome

“Under The Highway” by garysanchez

“The tunnel” by warrenstowell

“Toronto” by seenaziai

“Hard Rock New York” by kcphotofilm

“New York Skyline” by Cashman

“untitled” by PHOTOHAPPY

“Dubai – The Big City” by anushkaeranga

“LA dreams #2″ by jasongerard

“DSCN0971″ by apeart

Ben Green
Lela Kieler
Niko Sladic
Devin Johnston-Lee
Yuliy Vasilev
Tomer Eliash
Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
Jay Lawler
Michel Jodoin
Andy Just Andy
Monica Garliceanu
Patryk Pulawski
Farouk Cherchali
Karl Redshaw
Riccardo Mantero
Francesco Trimarchi
James Connolly
Jessica Notelo
Seoirse Brennan
Dan Goldberger
Jon Snapaway
Brian Phillips

Photoshop Week Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most amazing photoshopped images in this photo contest in collaboration with CreativeLive. We’re pumped to team up with CreativeLive on this contest. Their free online workshops featuring the world’s most accomplished photographers are a terrific way to continue developing your skills. Photoshop helps you transform the average image you have into the jaw-dropping image you want! Photoshop Week is your opportunity to learn the tools, techniques, and shortcuts you need to bring your unique creative vision to life.

For six days, the world’s most inspiring photographers and retouchers will show you how they work their magic in Photoshop and Lightroom. You’ll learn exciting new ways to transform your work and create images that stand out from the masses. Learn more.

4 Judges, the world’s most inspiring photographers and retouchers, will each select one Grand Jury Winner. One of the biggest events in photography is coming back to CreativeLive – get ready to learn from the industry’s best during Photoshop Week 2015!

Congratulations Winner “Red autumn” by CasaBay_Photo

“When I was asked to pick a winner I based it on 2 things: something that really catches my eye and an image that shows impressive Photoshop skills. This image did both. What put it over the top for me was making me wish I had thought of this concept” – Dave Cross

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Natura” by babun

“This is a good example of a double exposure. I like how the heck is reversed out,  overall interesting composition.” – Collin smith

Elena Zaskochenkos

“I like this take on medusa, There are some nice details such as the eyes and color toning. There is a good attention to detail and originality in this piece.” - Collin smith

Laura Biddle

“I liked how the entire image had been transformed digitally… from the water ripple reflection on the floor and ceiling to the levitating glow and bubbles above the figure. Also the skin tone color and outside area where integrated color-wise.” – Ben Willmore

Elena Paraskeva

“Alone In The Dark” by RobertGaines

“Foggybottom LAYOVER” by timothywood

“Project 59″ by Dawsonhoney

“Power” by tammyswarek

“Arizona” by Alekseytulskikh

“DSC_0132-Edit-2″ by alexsahagn

“Molding beauty” by scottfranks

“Bloom” by sarahbowman

“”HER IMAGINATION”” by pineisfine

“Fall” by laurenstanley

“Atlas” by stephlissa

“Windswept” by keithpersall

“Lonely Island” by dustpixx

“untitled” by mauromarques

“magic Box” by usachevalexander

“Inside-Double-Arch” by phillip_brossette

“Midnight Train” by nhdphoto

Adrian Chinery
Howard Ashton-Jones
Milica Djurickovic Cvetinovic
Laura Turner
Michael Anglin
Felix Hernández Rodríguez
James Rushforth
Alex Moldovan
Robby Ticknor
Wolongshan Pan
??????????? ????????
Ben Schaus
Braxton Wilhelmsen
Don Hoekwater
Jhovany Rosales
James Connolly
Marius Rein
Tamara Pruessner
Andi Campbell-Jones
Sam Haggett
Randy Turnbow

The Morning Light Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the morning light in this limited photo contest. Keep your eyes open for the next limited photo contest and get your shots ready for when the contest opens.

A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following winners by voting for their favorite shots!

Congratulations People’s Choice “Misty morning waiting for the deer.” by btcphotography

“Early Morning.” by elisabeththorn

“Stand Alone -long distance ,Ottawa River,Canada” by JustWill

“Sparks Lake Sunrise-” by kathymitchelllowery

“Sunrise on Xochimilco” by heba

“Morning Has Woken” by MissSandy

“pastel rundle” by RJHPhoto

“Blueridge Parkway 2 NC” by Haroon1

“1-IMG_6052-Farmhouse Sunrise in Winter” by jimstennette

“Edisto Sunrise” by rjayprusik

“morning catch” by geertweggen

“The Awakening III” by randybenzie

“Morning Mist” by Cressm01

“Filari all’alba_Alsace” by sabinalombardo-salmina

“Sunrise at Central Park” by ghamer

“Golden Splash” by silviali

“Sunrise at Mt. Bromo” by signum71

“Good Morning” by purpledaisypix

“SAM-8270″ by philbailey

“Alaskan-2″ by mafe

“IMG_0525 vb” by tonyboicelli

“Mouton Barn Sunrise” by patrick9x9

“Morning at the lake” by UroshGrabner

“The Finest Hour” by nsyyoung

“Sunrise on the river” by karinamm

“Early Morning Sun” by jacphotographic