DSC_5078 by Charlieabbottuk
Vung Tau 6 by Sevboy
Village by Frozen_Time
Site Cleanup Can Be Dicey by chrisstringfellow
Working at height by DebsB
Working hard by grayfriday
Tree and man. by Cuddlyken
Replacing the Footpath by MaureenMW
Rebuilding the island by nickclark_3951
MEN AT WORK (or not) by KPTucker
Double take - Look again by yvetteshore
Workers teabreak by 51goldie
Roofer toes by pknight00
The cull. by Cuddlyken
Gelli Park and Workmen. by Cuddlyken
Sweat of Labour-III by CRKSudhanshu
On the rooftop  by claudineburgess-CB
Highline  by eirinialligiannis
Drivin - that smoke was toxic - by photobylaurab
Working in the sky by jimpuddephatt
Eggscavation by Bigox
Man with the Drawings by WorldofBeauty
DSC_4479 Road breakers 2 by nednuts
Stadium Maintenance  by TDH84
Vung Tau 5 by Sevboy
DSC_4984 by Charlieabbottuk
Model aeroplane builders by GrahamAshby
Everybody’s Hero  by ratievushe
Shan’t say anything  by tru1sam2
DSC00647 by Bereka_scw
From Gelli Park culling the trees. by Cuddlyken
Container Ship by crawfras