Candle_2 by OrvilleSpence
Candle lit window by SURREALIMAGE
Night Sky Bird by sarahallegra
Mikey Wax by SVPhotos
Common Waxbill by BirdingBill
Hoya by ChelseaLaneCreations
Cedar Wax Wing by jimdavis_2058
Wax-eye in a cherry blossum tree ... by teens13
Clinging on feeding greedily on the nectar of a Grevillia.... by Merlot
The doll by Janx
Silvereye by noellebennett
Candles by Bobwhite
Spilling Wax by mariakeady
Silver eye by clivebennett
Whats your favorite colour? by Darrell-Francis
ThreeSome by jimdavis_2058
Forgotten But Found by randybenzie
Silvereye Snacking On A Raspberry by phillecren
Regrets by randybenzie
Flame Wick Wax Dark Light Spiral by windonnewton
This Is Caring by catherinethompson
Silvereye (1) by phillecren
Wax Plant Bloom by melkav
Cedar in bloom by mercedesdiodati
Doll House by Janx
waxeye with moss 22 2 copy 3 by janetkeenartistteacher
Bette Milder by wideopenspaces
Avian Pastels  by billgilbert
Cedar Wax Wing 1 by snaphappy101
Silvereye .. Summer Fledglings (3) by phillecren
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