The Fifth Element by Straight8photo
Through the Gates of Hell by Straight8photo
The lookout by mcEE
Lord of War by Straight8photo
The Peacemaker by Straight8photo
Photogenic watchdog by CsMark
Watchdog by Joerg
Boxer dog on leash with sad eyes  by ablokhin
Captivating eyes by CsMark
Majestic Doberman by AllisonBrice
Lynn in Love by philippnickerl
Bella on the Watch by bobtoye
Staring into the distance by CsMark
Lynn by philippnickerl
RGN_6863 m by GracefulFoto
Lucy by naturegirl2
Lusaka Voice | Zambia's online Voice & news times in Lusaka by jamestrence
Meerkat 2 by Kimberlite97
Mika, The Ferocious Guard Dog by aka_kellybuck
I'm on watch... by avishekdg
Strange pet  by billmartin_2615
WATCHDOG by DavidAdler
Bodyguard in the window by Sagittarius_Photography
Exercise and attention by CsMark
Ive Got My Eye on You by julieeverhart
Cute watchdog by philippnickerl
Home dog by adicumpanasu
Even doberman girls like flowers by philippnickerl
I'm keeping watch! by Cookieamt
Watch out! by philippnickerl
Keeping Doggo by seankelaart
The German Shepherd by azimronnie
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