dog fight by VanderblackStudios
Fokker triplane by SteveCrampton
The Red Baron by SteveCrampton
Fokker DR1 Triplane by PhilC
Fokker DR1 425-17 B&W by CMRT84
tri-plane by VanderblackStudios
Fokker Triplane by stephencoppinger
Those magnificent men... by SteveCrampton
Dixie by SteveCrampton
 Red Baron by steveward
IMG_8577 by damonjenkins
Fokker Dr.I by gillianfloyd
Fokker Dr.I Triplane by jamesarup
Fokker Trimotor RC Plane by jimshelton
Fokker DR1 425-17 by CMRT84
That bloody Red Baron! by Gomtuu
Red Baron Dogfight by helenhuggins
_GJA0144 2 by gilbertatkin
Older Warbirds. by MK-Nige
Fight of the Triplanes by JPDrake
_GJA0146 2 by gilbertatkin
Sopwith Triplane (Reproduction) by DanielWales363
Replica AVRO triplane by IanJSutherland
red barron by penguincutie
Sopwith Triplane by SteveCrampton
The Red Baron of Germany - Duxford UK. by layers21
The splendid 1910 Avro Triplane from the Shuttleworth Collection takes to the sky above Old Warden at Shuttleworth Military Airshow 7-7-19 by BryanNimmo
Color pop wooden propeller on a WWI Fokker D1 triplane by donniehoward
Sopwith Camel Biplane WWI by JohnPhillipsPhotography
Avro Triplane by SteveCrampton
Sopwith Triplane by MalcTPhotos
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