Scream by Alexander_Sviridov
Sammy Stuck by MeTooTimesTwo
Refugees by Discover_Abruzzo
Stuck 2 Feet ..2 by denisenewman
Dead Side-By-Side by RLP073
I fell in love with the devil, im underneath his spell -AL by kalahhendricks
seat by geertweggen
DSC_0568 by Pankeev
Smushee Face by KarenRoberts
flower climb by geertweggen
air walk by geertweggen
Leaf Suspended by Michael_Higgins
birdhouse stuck by geertweggen
Bergenia  climb by geertweggen
Stuck by dougplume
sammy stuck  by MeTooTimesTwo
in the air by geertweggen
Stuck out of state... by amberattackphotography
Old Car Stuck In Time by rickycorcoran
reach by geertweggen
Red Sailing Boat. by juliebyrnewzwaters
Stuck here! by Myowndsign
friends by geertweggen
DSC_5967 (2) Tongue Struck by scotbarclaygallion
Feather in the Wind by RLP073
PopcornSpider’s Feast by RLP073
RUH ROH- wasnt me by barker0864
so close, yet so far by joejukes
Another Sandhill  Crane by Effess
up and down by geertweggen
Photo  by kalahhendricks
feathers stuck by hibbz
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