Lekhubu by KayBrewer
Afternoon stroll by photoflea
Black-maned Lions Of The Kalahari by KayBrewer
Cheetah Calling her Young © Brian Basson by BrianBasson
Angly Look by arvydassvirka
Walking Tall by DanMontalbano
Beyond the Eye by JEverittPhotography
Man on a mission by Scruffybamboo
Blondes Unite - 5106 by advert1
Striding Edge by jenfish
Helvellyn is the 3rd highest peak in the UK, to the left is Striding Edge, the tougher climb and the right side is Swirral edge. Beautiful place.  by lukebrooker
Striding Towards Puberty by Archangel72
Ghosts Walking by jtmphoto
Man on a Mission by ericmichaels
Striding Edge Helvellyn by PaulBrothers
Rugged and Wild Striding Edge by Mycreativeimages
Stride Along Striding Edge by savannahjones
Heron walking by philipvanwulven
Esti. by mirindita
Striding Past History by Bartle_Halpin
Girl. by mirindita
Hellyvelyn Runoff by OliB
Hobo Mural by melaniejwood
Hellvellyn from red tarnSP by stuartprocter
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