Passage of Time by Astrophotobear
Lost in Time by DavidMBuckwalter
Matterhorn star trail by tiger_in_teapot
Wind Farm Trails by TimHallPhoto
Shangri-La Star Trails by sdondero
Startrails Over Lake Tahoe by CreativeDragon
Strange Lights by Everettbloom
Eyeing The Stars by prajitr
Self Portrait with the Universe by iwangroot
Three Trees by JohnHPhotography
Jason Tiilikainen - Star Trails In Joensuu by Jason_Tiilikainen
Midnight in the Black Forest by marcbaechtold
astraduct by hasmonaut
Iron like a Lion in Zion by kenleephotography
Cosmic Time - Eruption of Sakurajima Volcano in Japan by NejcDraganjec
Evening at Chureito Pagoda in Japan by NejcDraganjec
inner city of Dresden (Germany) by photo-bloom
Left Behind by DavidMBuckwalter
Deception Pass by Leon213
North BreakWater Light under the stars by markmiller
Tavy Cleave Waterfall at Night by mstansfield
Startrails in Aurora by dyanpratt
Starry Night at Reflection Lake by rheebird
Hunters Moon by zhaoqingMal
SKY SCRAPER by Ed_Erglis_Photography
The Mushroom, Timna Valley  by Helen_Mountaniol
Moonlit Startrails by amyth91
Star Movement by windycorduroy
Marshall Pt Lighthouse Panorama by TaylorPhotography
Trona Glow Star Trails by kenleephotography
StarStaX_Forgotten Lake-10-Forgotten Lake_lighten by Ed_Erglis_Photography
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