a walk in the woods by dKi_Photography
Waterfall SOOC by Scoutdogs
Cyd by JennaVee
Early morning fishing by juliekaechelindavis
Dragonfly Luv by Swtgapeach
Pelican by Beetle_007
DSC06368 by juliekaechelindavis
The Eye by 1272_9401
 Bumblebee by FruzsinaGBerkes
Fresias by raguilo
sooc rose by charlottetherese
Power Pill by garethbrooks
It Was Just The Beginning by Noedig3490
DSC06359 by juliekaechelindavis
Bling by cazbadams
Sunset over ClarksHill Lake by Swtgapeach
Sunrise Noosa River by tonymackenzie
GGB8.5X11_untouched by hstanfieldphoto
Swallowtail caterpillar by juliekaechelindavis
Bee in a rose by juliekaechelindavis
Covered Bridge Wall (unedited) by glenmarshall
Drinking Nature's Gift by ruthglorioso
I See You by juliekaechelindavis
Yellow Hibiscus by Byronfairphotography
Rural Sunset by suzswanson
Grand Canyon - South Rim by JuliaOrlando
The beautiful Patricia Faolli. SOOC! Want a portrait? Email me at jay@jaymontez.com by JayMontez
hibiscus 1 by juliekaechelindavis
Snowbird by juliekaechelindavis
Its what you leave behind. by Pooka
Wildflower's zoom by paulbeale