Spring garden after rain (IMG_0185.jpeg) by LuciaH
Overcast at lake Simcoe (IMG_5535) by LuciaH
Storm clouds (IMG_0500) by reidspeck
Freezing rain (IMG_3478) by LuciaH
Storm clouds on frozen lake Simcoe (IMG_0509) by reidspeck
More storm clouds (IMG_0490) by reidspeck
Have I Got Your Attention by kerrycully
Red fox on the frozen lake (IMG_3169) by LuciaH
Snowing (IMG_2068) by LuciaH
Night Sky Over Lake Simcoe by marciaklue
Sunset with Full Moon (IMG_7665) by LuciaH
Quietly Reserved by althompson
The Dawn of Sept 1st, 2017 by robertneiszer
Sunset at lake Simcoe, ON, Canada (IMG_4434) by LuciaH
Lake Simcoe on sunny day (IMG_8871) by LuciaH
Shoreline Ice Cave at Wilkin's Beach- Grayscale by darryljordan
Icicles on the dock (IMG_8519) by LuciaH
Dramatic colours at sunrise (IMG_7856) by LuciaH
 Cottages by lake Simcoe surrounded by water after 7 days of rain (IMG_6935) by LuciaH
Cabin in the forest by Simcoe lake (IMG_7129) by LuciaH
Sunrise on overcast morning (IMG_0082.jpeg) by LuciaH
Waves are crushing on the shore (IMG_4560) by LuciaH
Sunrise on a hazy morning (IMG_4559) by LuciaH
Simcoe lake (IMG_7390) by LuciaH
Peaceful summer day at lake Simcoe, Canada (IMG_0733) by LuciaH
Simcoe Lake, Ontario by MargoCatPhotos
Simcoe lake (2016-07-08 14.26.20) by LuciaH
Simcoe lake (IMG_8162) by LuciaH
From the shore of Lake Simcoe by barbaramarks
Southern Ontario Countryside by GeorgeTesseris
My private peace.of heaven by Nickles0517