Strike a Pose by ricardowilliams
Emotion by ricardowilliams
20140816_161758 by littlegogokitty
Learning To Live Without You by tpruessner
Black in black by NickSW
Myself at the Gooderham Building by fournierphotographe
Who's he ?? by mateobrigande
5 by pharmamhmara
Me and my bird by Alexander-Johnson
Baxter the Border Collie pup by bentreagus
Icelandic Selfy by DamianHadjiyvanov
MG 2015 My Self Portrait BW by Morsegirl1
4 by pharmamhmara
Do the selfy! by littlegogokitty
Selfy chikens by peterprosenc
Trying To Find My Balance... by tpruessner
Selfy by feliciemilhit
me tring to look hip lol by etrdryzt
It's All About Perspective by tpruessner
Capo Sunset Afterglow by HughBerenger
Blow by tpruessner
Monochrome glitter by Macrotomonochrome
Not all it's cracked up to be by CaitiClu
Eye of the photographer by bobsuchomel
Something strange by nonseireale83
Malkyway selfy by Oliver_Buchanan
Home or Homeless? by HughBerenger
Self Portrait by bjarteberentzen
selfy by HughBerenger
high plains drifter by godriguez