The sculptor by eelcovanroden
PurifoyNG by DuffyDoherty
Icelandic sculpture by Rostovskiy
Stainless Steel Sculpture#1 by ahuffaker
Marble V by endegor
Wheel of Light by Shauncook
Jog On by ts446photo
Steel Canoe by Brian104
Beneficial on a hot day by helenehages
Willow Sculpture by GigiJim08
Bronze sculpture "Le Maca" in Wavre - Belgium by nathaliedesmet
Fallen Leaf by ahuffaker
Traveling Man  by lensletter
Menominee Pier Light by MsJudi
Abstract Sculpture. by DanK
Evening Star by endegor
See through church (artwork)  - detail of the tower by KristinaOers
Mirador del Bellveret ,Xativa ,Spain by csiszercristina
 Let the alien invasion begin by Bastetamon
RenCen Station by adavies
Little cherry by Irina_Pazhaeva
Moon Dancer by juliebowser
Prague Fairytale by dmytrokorol
Rainbow behind eiffel tower  by drharshavardhanreddy
Recycled by SteveCrampton
Stone Mountain #2 by ahuffaker
Wired Face by PreciousLovePhotography
Trevi Fountain at Dusk by 84Padres
The view from the Summer garden. Saint-Petersburg. by Andrew08
The spirit of the dancer by livioferrari