Safari by jonste
In search of dentist and tic tac by katemontague
Hello 2018 by jonste
Roar by duben
photolga-portrait-photographer-vancouver-washington-portland-oregon-children-grass-lion-pj-1 by olgieshmolgie
Battle Cry by KDRphotography
Lunch time! by Simon_eeman
Face to Face by akphotographystudio
The roar in the rain	 by vincenzoiacovoni
The Scream by alindinu
The king by Simon_eeman
Warning Signs by LaurieRubin
Bobcat Roar by Ayersphotography
Regal Red Stag by Sarah-WildEdgePhotography
Deer at Richmond Park by Keefyboy
Hear Me Roar by sharonwilliams_9316
Big Cat No.1 by agusandi
The lion roars by akphotographystudio
LION by Missklik
Roar!!!! by Basciano_Photography
Smile for the camera by DPMPhotography
Tiger Teeth by brianamay
Hypnotized by ingomenhard
Deer Roar!!! by sumangurung
King of the Jungle by johannafroese
An adult male’s roar can be heard up to 8km away.   by hayleybeavon
Roar by sumangurung
Beast by nobryan18
Deer Roar!!! by sumangurung
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