Great Sand Dunes Ripples by GregGibb
Dune Shadows by adriansart
Moody Fjord by walasavagephoto
Ripple circle of flames by Eric_Dany
Time & Glass-The ripple Effect by Bastetamon
Contrasting Worlds by timpryce
sunset ripples on the water by Kcable
Time & Glass-The ripple Effect by Bastetamon
Sunset Dogs by BorisToronto
Sittin Pretty by kevinsawyerphotography
Maliki by sabatesphoto
Calm Before the Storm by walasavagephoto
Seeking Balance  by kylere
Frisky Duck by adavies
Too Beautiful by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Burning sky by robreaburn
Sunset by the city by JakeMaude006
Ripples in Spacetime by walasavagephoto
Ripples of Gold by mjhousto
St Marys island by AngiWallace
Standing by sallyG11
Sunset in Key Largo by alastairdixon
A Duck by douglasunger
Lake Tekapo Afternoon by sallyG11
Poplars  by sallyG11
Joyful Catch  by dawnvandoorn
Champagne Eddy by PaulPersys
Talacre Rise by peteranthonyrollings
A Touch of Green by mjhousto
Fall Drop by buzman
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