Istanbul Cobblestone by darrensmall
River Cabin by dennisbecht
Blue Pond by ogitakahashi
  by Fidster_Arfon
Cuddy Reflection by Camera-Gypsy
Almost Ariel 2 by ElaniRoss
reflections  on a rainy day by bearinmybackyard
Charleston WV Civic Center by scottiilanders
Morning Dew Rabbit by fredstein
HDR Fence by ben_porway
macro droplets from faucet by ben_porway
Reflective by snowdon
Egyptian goose by soniaclement
Artemis by Fidster_Arfon
Rose reflections by Byondhelp
Natures mirror by deonvanderwalt
Reflective pose by snowdon
Arroyo Seco Parkway, Los Angeles, CA by RJA
Infrared Train by michellemckeeth
Mono Clouds by kevinsawyerphotography
This is the underside of the Spaceshp Earth ride at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World. by gryphonjewel
Reflection by torilancet
the sweep on the shore by StephanieCVarner
Into the fog by soniaclement
heron spies prey by bearinmybackyard
Sunset Over Lake Tahoe by arcadephoto
IMG_8230_Edited_GD by davesmithuk