Malachite Kingfisher by KayBrewer
The Boathouse by Pete_Rowbottom
*** by Taurenis
Dead Horse Ranch Park by rturnbow
Gapstow Bridge by sallyG11
Shades of Purple by ncpcov
Vibrant Autumn by adavies
Reflection by Inspire4More
The Beauty of The Light by artursomerset
Falls Park by AllScapesPhoto
Colors by Roberto_Sorin
Master of all i survey by NikHallBDS
Hummingbird on Green Reeds by carolcardillo
Reeds in the snow by tanjariedel
Malachite Kingfisher by wildpainter
Malachite Kingfisher Hunting by KayBrewer
Sunrise at Staten Island Nature Conservancy by Cali_Wine_Fan
Quiet retreat by jaynepowell
Through the Reeds by ahuffaker
Wind... before a storm. by Andrew08
Magic  by RobertPano
through the reeds by Darko_Cvetanoski
Photographer's Sunrise by DustinPenman
Majestic Trifecta by gwestbro
Walkway Reserve. by Bruizaphoto
Pass over! by adriansart
After the Storm by AnneDphotography
Autumn looked in the mirror of the lake... by Igor_pol
Silent wings by adriansart
Dreans of the Wild by adriansart