Brooklyn Botanical Garden 1 by Judy_zehentner
Petal Drops by VegaPolaris
Beauty of reflected raindrops by VanessaLim
Drenched Camelia by trishzimmerman
Pink Tulip by tiffany_bumgardner_452
Tears of a Rose by ppls6
My House in a Raindrop by bonnielauriepelland
End-of-summer blossom by Cookies4U
Peace Rose by trishzimmerman
 Flower with Raindrops by KevinGPhotography
Raindrops by Big-Bad-Bob
Raindrops are the perfect lullaby. by RyansViewbug
RIMG0478waterdropbeauty by MERCEDESS
Day lily and raindrops. by Rockgod
Not-so distant worlds by amoeba
Pink Flower Sprinkled With Raindrops by benmiller_4545
We Had More Rain Today in SacTown... by sweetpea72
Raindrops by sallyG11
Rain and the Water Lilly by mawee
Raindrops On Clover by helensheree
Beauty After The Rain... IV by StanVG
Night-blooming Cereus. by debbietintle
Yellow Iris by trishzimmerman
After the rain by EdithNero
Fresh rain by RyansViewbug
Beauty After The Rain... II by StanVG
Untitled No. 6 by Ghostinthecircuit
Blue Iris With Raindrops by trishzimmerman
ViewBeeandTulip#1 by geophotos
After the Rain by rong792
Last flowers by marilenavaccarini