Balance by colinharley
Snooze time. by Kevs_pics
Tangala Camp (Thorny Bush Reserve), South Africa 7.2016-19542 by KColbyPhotography
Churchill by Ceniza
Chilli Bean  by aliceloder
Cow Dog by RapturedImage
Cute Puppies by larrymarshall
 Hungarian Vizsla by petelaw7
Fox Pup Sunning by rockinroddyholbrook
Mother's Gentle Touch by holland1950m
Hey, Honey! Wanna come in my lil' pail? by dasBildprojekt
Freedom by colinharley
Played Out by keilasdad
Bulldog Smiles by knoxphoto
My Baby in the Fall by JessicaDrossin
Photo  by aliceloder
Tater Tot by LiaMarie
Old Soul. Old Body.  by lauraridley
Sea Lion by adwalton
algonquin july 2015 93699 - Version 2 by gonewildshutterworks
Charlie Christmas by Charris
I am as cute as by gazza60
Keisha Upclose by Codydownhill
Butter Wouldn't Melt... by natalieord
Kisses by JessicaDrossin
Happy Puppy by thejerd
Aussie on the Tracks by thejerd
Puppy hugs. by Kevs_pics
Beer brewery the 3 Ringen by DennisartPhotography
Greens for Lunch by sue-zon
Nuk by dasBildprojekt
Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy... by sweetpea72
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