Puffer with toadstool leather by PWMMacro
Puffer Fish by KevinKuchler
Angry fish. by ashleyne1993
Startled Blowfish by WEphotos
K├╝hlenborn Molly 1 by Mtu3211
Puffer by kevinsesko
Calm, Cool, and Collected by ChixPixPhotography
Porcupine fish by Jacic
Happy porcupine fish  by rebeccamagan
Puffer Eyes by jyl8833
Puffer fish by mistyvkirsch
white-spotted puffer (Arothron hispidus) by stephenwong
Spotted Puffer Fish by eileenglassholliday
Photo  by DaveJB_Photography
Sharpnosepuffer by sskyrm
2d 086A0750 by vivijo
Burfish curiosity by BatCavePhotography
My catch, My release by LisserPeters
Green Puffer by josephleduc
Can't see me by Jacic
Puffer by chrissmith_0956
Oh, Hello! by BatCave
porcupine puffer fish by johnpreston_5231
Baby pufferfish by Surfingsaru
box fish by paularnott
Green Spotted Puffer by josephleduc
Puffer Fish sp (2) by davedge
spotted puffer fish by johnpreston_5231
Another Pretty Face by howie516
365 Challenge - Day 168 by dereksouter
prick-ly by stoyanov
Spots all over by HabibiPrasad
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