pelican Preening by SURREALIMAGE
Preening Female Hummingbird by Pamelabole
Time for a Preen by Burnettj
Date Night Prep by ktruluck
Heron preening by tmtburke
This Is Caring by catherinethompson
IMG_1598 by FMarlatt
Just Call Me Fluff............... by NaturesHaven
Pink Preen by SteeleBirdie
Prehistoric by sblair
Flamingo by wildorchidphotography
Plain prinia or white-browed wren-warbler by syedfabbas
Fluffin' their feathers by grandmaof7
IMG_4637-001 by neilsproston
Galah Preening by lindiekolver
Native Beauty by catherinethompson
Egret Preen by sarahallegra
Here Froggie Froggie!  MMmmm... by ladysaltfire
IMG_5355-002 by neilsproston
IMG_4636-001 by neilsproston
The Preening Mallard by RealShotsPhotography
Preening Duck by Moatsville
The Night Fisherman by Offshore50
Flamingo_9752 by RobertGaines
Let me do your head, darling by lindiekolver
Love Always by catherinethompson
Preen by AdirahsEyes
Watch Me Preen by AdirahsEyes
A little 'upside down' preening by Nikilaw
IMG_4635-001 by neilsproston
Sunbathing Babe by Offshore50
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