Promised Land by focusmonk
into the void by focusmonk
Dead forest by Riekkinen
DSC_6597Coming generation by kikobuenafe3
DSC_6211 by sxsvexen
Acid Rain by bunsview
Polluted water with algae by Roberto_Sorin
Harvesting the sacred flower - Lotus by zoomgfx
oil on water by bretthondow
Water pollution in river near the beach. by Roberto_Sorin
the plastic bag with dirty water and the sun in the back by Roberto_Sorin
Poor child wading in polluted water in Delhi by fdvreporter
abandoned house basement by Roberto_Sorin
Flamingos feeding in a mine dam by lianvandenheever
Solar prominence by SzilagyiPP
Exposing the Muck by abstractrealist
Polluted Pond by junemorris
Do Not by kristineschmidt
IMG_1098-01-01.jpeg by Raish
Decomposing fish by Roberto_Sorin
abandoned broken sport shoes on the side of the road by Roberto_Sorin
curious cow by gianlucapisano
a bird survives in a polluted environment by ahmadbagwi
Sunrise at Yamuna Ghat by swapanbanik
A lone lily in a polluted pond. by zimmiton
Rust never sleeps by soniaclement
No swimming by UniqueNY
Girl looking at the pollution smoke of a factory by spencerhaydo
civilization by visko
Marahau, Abel Tasman by Marcus_Bok
Green algae under water drawn by stream. by Roberto_Sorin
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