Sunrise by NorahLatona
Beautiful summer background. Butterfly and soft background by icemanphotos
On the Broad walk by christineujones
oyaMAM_20141215-195201 by Oyamam
Scape to Heaven by NorahLatona
Freedom by William_Doyle
So many Saguaros!  Beautiful majestic standing tall in the desert heat! by Hprue
oyaMAM_20141215-191732 by Oyamam
Feed Me by William_Doyle
A Peaceful Night. by NorahLatona
Arizona nights. by Hprue
Saguaro standing guard at Lake Pleasant, Arizona. by Hprue
Pleasant Nature Series (Macro) by Ha7an
A Drake looking for a hand out by Hprue
A Pleasant Evening. by ClintJohnsonPhotos
oyaMAM_20141215-192439 by Oyamam
Field of purple flowers at Lake Pleasant, Arizona. by Hprue
Ladybird on cauliflower flower (Pleasant Nature Series) by Ha7an
Covered in pollen, sleeping on the job by Hprue
Golden Sunrise by praveenpremkumarpai
Bad Boyz, Bad Boyz by KGSPhoto
Pleasant Nature Series (Macro) by Ha7an
Lake Pleasant Sunset by Julesp18
Sunset st Lake Pleasant, AZ by Hprue
Only the Hat Knows by Chiaroscurist
Pleasant Nature Series (Macro) by Ha7an
As the moon was coming out during early evening, I saw this osprey out on a limb so I pulled my car over and then spent a bit to line up the shot just right. by Carpemomento
Sunset at Lake Pleasant in Arizona by Niccolester
Sun In My Eyes by William_Doyle
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