Pelican Resting on a fishing pier by paul75
pelican pair by imagebyTerri
Pelican on the lake by iriswaanders
Pelican Yawn_DSC0529 by Seagriff_Photography
GEOPIC201306040653 by geopic
coming in for the landing 1 by DeniseOwingsPhotog
Pelican by emapislaru
Pelican in flight by DeniseOwingsPhotog
White Pelican on Snake River by richardbartz
Pelican Flight of three  by chrismercerimages
Sunrise Pelican by Offshore50
Australian Pelican by Krause
big brown pelican by jaimietuchman
Sunset Pelican by Offshore50
Ghost on the lake by EuroBen
White Pelican 000  by chrismercerimages
Pelican in Flight by chrismercerimages
Pelican wrestling by pjt33
White Pelican Eye by chrismercerimages
Presence by pjt33
Translucent pelican by pjt33
Portrait of Big Rosy Pelicans by Rocter
White Pelican Eye 000 by chrismercerimages
Pelican feeding _03_15_2014_1108davenport ia_038_WBconverted by Bear1965
Great White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) by alcedo
CDS_98 by phil_bird
White Pelican 002  by chrismercerimages
White Pelican 005  by chrismercerimages
Pelican close-up portrait, proudly bird by alexandersorokopud