Husky Pup by jkhphoto
 вайцер 2014 120 by Mikhailan
Tiffany relaxing on a bed by derekcdonsworth
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - portrait by fleretdvorce
Mastino Napoletano - big moloss breed from Italy by fleretdvorce
PROUD by RJToombsy
Staffordshire Terrier by eugenekreger
Beautiful English Bull Terrier black and brindle with white sitting on a country road with autumn leaves by fleretdvorce
Best Friends by AlvenmodFoto
British Bulldog by printsIlike
My Gaston - English Bull Terrier male by fleretdvorce
English Bull terrier rolling in a meadow, enjoying autumn weather by fleretdvorce
My Ageing Hound by TheJacksonsPhotography
~All Dressed Up~ by Barbee
Inchgarth Sierra by WolfAvni
Torvi by AdamWilcock
My new best friend (color) by AlvenmodFoto
Old School or New? by rodbolt
West Siberian Laika - portrait by fleretdvorce
~Our. Girls~ by Barbee
Two Shiba Inu dogs at a dog show by fleretdvorce
Time for reflection by James_Hodges
Watching by Michele-Kerstholt
Black and White portrait Tiffany by derekcdonsworth
Freedo with his duck! by cigousidis
Super Red ! by STIG3699
~Now! This Is Precious~ by Barbee
English Bul Terrier by fleretdvorce
Me and my dog Gaston by fleretdvorce
TROUTNIP PANDABLU of Goschen by WolfAvni