Tree In The Night by rossdixon
"Time Man" (aka Urban Protector) by ARTRAT
"Urban Frontier" (Schwinn Frontier Mountain Bike) by ARTRAT
cool by natashagreaves
Painting with light  2                     al fritz by gunners42
Painting with light  3           al fritz by gunners42
Backlit frond with insect.  by debsimage
The Santa Maria ship at the harbour of Kyoto, Japan by kimberlyyeo
Painting with light on a warm Georga night. by justinmatthew
"Fire-Hydrant #7" by ARTRAT
"FIRE HYDRANT #7" (Firemans Nightmare) by ARTRAT
"Self-Portrait #9" by ARTRAT
DSC_9878.1 by SmithStudios
Guitar by LucV
Painting with light version 2 by MarksLuckyEyePhotography
Small light caress by LucV
Star trails in Alldays. by GeoffG46
"SNEAKERS"1 (Converse) by ARTRAT
"Time Palms" Cover View by ARTRAT
With Light we Love by janisemiescke
Guitar strings by LucV
Painting with light by MarksLuckyEyePhotography
An LED keyring light does you no favours, lol by Mikecatphoto
Discovery by hippietwitch
Mel by LucV
Fun with Light by suryakiranj
Love of Light by suryakiranj
Sparks by staceylegg
red onions by natashagreaves
Out of the woods by Lglphotography
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