CHARGE!! by bridgephotography
Frogman by NicoFroehberg
Happy Days Otters by MarkMcElligott
Happy Swimming by LajosE
Waiting for the right scene ( in Hang Rai ) by ThomasParkerVictor
An Otter Day by douglasunger
Otter  by tmtburke
Splash by heathermcfw
Otter by douglasunger
Otter Face by douglasunger
Juggling The Pebble by BrianpSlade
Where did the "Otter-One" Go? by ericcriswell
Sleepy Otter by garybuchan
Fun In The Water by douglasunger
Splash down by VLPhotography0022
Otter Looks Back by douglasunger
Waiting for dinner by elainegill4
Baby Otter by gogosviewbug
Otter by elainegill4
Otter by MaggieClaire
otter by FullexposureUK
_Hey!...I'm serious by MiroslavKral
What you looking at? by Pauly-Photography
river otter sticking his tongue out at me at the beaver pond by bearinmybackyard
Ollie Otter by garymintz
Short Clawed Asian Otter by Keefyboy
Ring of Bright Water by Hood
I otter go play by JayneBug
Fun at the Zoo! by rakeshtatia
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