Baltic Sea - Boltenhagen by MartinSlottaPhotographie
Kühlungsborn Molenfeuer by fotoroom
Last summer (2018) by frankbordihn
Buhnen by jobau_
Baltic See biking by frankbordihn
001SU1 (1 von 1) by Franziskus
on the way home by Markus_Bachmann_Fotos
Seebrücke Grömitz zur blauen Stunde  by MichaelSeichter
Starfish by tanjariedel
Timetravel after the rainstorm – ready for the journey by stschultze
Seebrücke Koserow by MartinSlottaPhotographie
Leuchtturm  by Elke666
Sunrise @ Sellin by MICHAELFIRMBACH
Balance the Horizon by CollinKey
lighthouse by carmenblaser
A TREE AT THE SEA by henryvonhuch
Harbor impression in the evening light by tanjariedel
** Silence ** by Marierich
Passat SunSky by TimLeeRookie
Seadaughter by antjii
Gespensterwald by brittarogge
Koserow - evening by klauswisskirchen
Polish seaside by weronikasiwczak
Thoughts in me by tanjariedel
Have a look by Markus_Bachmann_Fotos
Seebrücke Grömitz B&W by MichaelSeichter
Photo  by niklas.balke
Isabell by cathleenzornow
Ghost Ship by olafrehmert
The Baltic Sea by ManuKeggenhoff