Prairie Palette  by TracyDeptuck
Orion rescue by hgrahamjackson
Waiting by kevspiers
To the Oil RIg by ArielleJolie
Pumping Oil In The Fields Of North Dakota-Mirror Reflection-2 by Aphrodites
A lone oil rig basks in rays of sun during a break in an afternoon thunderstorm in the Gulf of Mexico.  by cwhitepics
H&P Drilling by JHSound
Cromarty Rig by Magnaphotography
Oil Rig by scottdavidnicoll
Burning out by davidfeeney
Ooops by lewismacdonald
Pumping Oil In The Fields Of North Dakota-15 by Aphrodites
Oil Rig, Galveston by ElizabethAnnHarman
Sun set in Garden City, TX by carlaberryman
Photo  by andrewsherratt
Flood Waters Brings Beauty From The Ordinary by Godscountryphotographer69
Melting by davidfeeney
Resting in the Clouds (082016-IMG_8837) by davidfeeney
Production in Mobile Bay by gatorbait38
Sun setting on Energy by Racummings
Oil rig outside Rio by johnnymelville
Pacific gull by erikquimby
Repairing an oil rig by fvz12587
The Lull Before Katrina framed by Shackman
Oil Rig Line by Williamsonphoto
Creepy by Lens_Candy
Quad bikes on the dunes by seansequeira
Eureka Oil Rig  by SharkB8
The Girls by TracyDeptuck