Best Buds by areevesphotography
Sunset by areevesphotography
Autumn Newfie on the Huron River - Oct 21st, 2013 by csmmacker2004
Beckett  by ChucksView
My Newfie by alexchitnev
Beckett the Newfoundland in Cupcake by ChucksView
Koda in snow by _1
Relic by Jackfarley1025
Moonlit dog swim by stormgrl6
Nyx: Goddess of Night and Chaos Part 2 by shelbienicolephotography
Newfie Pup by areevesphotography
Me! by Dz_Photography99
dat face by _1
Beach Pup by areevesphotography
20160514-9915 by csmmacker2004
Fergus by LadyBijou
20141102-5110 by csmmacker2004
Doggo by TattyTao182
Saria by TattyTao182
Joyous Chaos by shelbienicolephotography
sabel by _1
teddy bear by _1
20160306-9375S by csmmacker2004
20160522-0115S by csmmacker2004
Kenai window to his soul by ChucksView
Kenai on the beach, Lake Superior by ChucksView
Gizmo sleeping  by ChucksView
One day im going to be too big for this bed by Spirt0fFlight
Swagger by TattyTao182
beanie girl by _1
Newf in Ice Pool  by ChucksView
The stare  by TattyTao182
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