"Eyes in the Forrest" by SunBear22222
Protective shadows by harrylyndonskeggs
The Warning! by kal57
Above the Crater Lake by chriswhittier
Kakinga by keithviklund
Snack Envy by chriswhittier
Wild Thoughts by questforwildlife
Primitive Feed by questforwildlife
Mountain Gorilla by SunBear22222
Nothing Short of Wild | Mountain Gorilla by questforwildlife
"Such a Handsome Boy" by SunBear22222
Moment of Reflection by questforwildlife
Mountain Gorilla mother and small baby, Bwindi by andrevondeling
Mountain gorilla by davidianhiggins
I've Got Your Back Mom by questforwildlife
Look at me! by kal57
Peek-a-boo! by kal57
Working Hands by questforwildlife
Catching rays! by kal57
Photo  by BushBaby75
Mountain gorilla baby by Beyerphoto
Warm Welcome by charlotterhodes
Hungry Mountain gorilla by Lpepz
Bamboo by kal57
Chin Scratcher by chriswhittier
Portrait of Muturengere by chriswhittier
6 Days Wild by questforwildlife
The Light by questforwildlife
Silverback Mountain Gorilla  by Tysondv
The stare! by kal57
A very special Mountain Gorilla! by kal57
Gentle Giants! by kal57
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