The daguerreotype by nataliadrepina
When The Man Comes Around by Valachi_34
Frost on Rose by VictoriaBullock
Melancholy by livioferrari
Roadtrip 2018 sunflower field  by sussicharlottealminde
Joey II, 2017 by daniel_anhut
bomb the system by premio
In The Dark by YouAreHereToRiskYourHeart
I Am Hungry ! by marcobertam
The bottom in the abyss of her despair by nataliadrepina
Mar by jose-ar
Daniel II, 2017 by daniel_anhut
The Sound of Silence #7 by daniel_anhut
Wonderland V, 2018 by daniel_anhut
No Man's Land by Valachi_34
“PHOENIX (鳳)” – No. 2 by levinlee
blue  by robsy1965
Honey Don't Think by JessicaDrossin
Melancholy by AKUK
Melancholy. by Florianpascual
Reflection by LiveInspiredByBrenda
Wistful Soul by nataliadrepina
saudade by olgamest
Haze by nataliadrepina
Elle by lilianagladwin
The sad life by Michelle-Bishop
For a Minute There, I lost Myself by ionataberham
Melinda DeLarge by Marcogressler
Washing it away by Peteraboyce
Midnight Mysteries II by klapouch
Melancholy by ilyablinov
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